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Tuesday 11th June 2024

David Icke Headlines

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Divide and rule the masses so they are fighting each other and not seeing the strings attached to both ‘sides’. T’was always so and they are still falling for it. Pathetic, really


So why do you shadow ban so many and quietly take down more content at government demand than even the Twitter before you? Why does X quietly admit to taking down 40,000 items of content globally in six months because the EU said so?


David Icke – We Will Not Be Silenced


The MAM cross-promotion network


What – for a robot that’s shat itself? Too much


David Icke on the fake jab, 1.0 sperm counts plummeting, the global cult setting up the education and media system, John D. Rockefeller and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World


$490 Million Given To Ukraine Has Been Embezzled Or Stolen


Man Responsible for World’s Longest Lockdown Given Australia’s Top Honour


David Icke – We Will Not Be Silenced


Labour’s Claim That Net Zero 2030 Will Cut Energy Bills Doesn’t Add Up


UK People’s Fake-Vaccine Inquiry: The public needs to know the real evidence about the ‘Covid’ fake vaccines and their roll-out


We don’t CARE if you know we’re killing you: Get ready for Moderna 2-in-1 ‘Covid’ and flu fake vaccines


Now beware the eye in the sky! AI traffic cop is being used on roads in East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire to catch drivers using phones and not wearing seat belts



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