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Are Cemeteries Cover-Ups?

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🟫 Brick !!!!!!!!  X how X many X mentions? 🤣🫠


I had to skimp through some of that, I always beat my head with a brick watching it.


The guy talking and shooting the vid, has a much mystique and unique qualities as a weathered brick, but somehow it was kinda funny in bemused kind of way!


The repair of one corner of one of the graves, that looked nowhere near as smooth as the rest of the cover of the same, but was supposed to look the same is hilariously poor tonal completion, although the ajoining parts did at least segway quite well!....
Clearly everyone was poor in this BRICK CEM if all that was available \to \build \it \with \was \brick! 🧱

What do we suppose this guy's name maybe.... Perhaps the brother of Stanley Kubrick? 😄

An unintentional comedian. Just to be clear SK was an american film-maker, but so might this guy in the video be that one day, who knows....🥸


I'll cut the guy some slack, he has a keen eye 🧐📹..... and can note out of kilter things..... but that's about it... Check out 23minutes in... that's so unwieldly... but at least the guy filming knows it and let's us know that something is not right.

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What's the cover up? I just see graves damaged by the elements. You would be surprised how quick they get damaged, but obviously it depends on the materials used. I can always ask questions though, as my father hasn't retired yet and is still working at cemeteries.


On 9/10/2021 at 1:17 AM, EnigmaticWorld said:

After my father got run over, so called "experts" told him he would be in a wheelchair by 30 because of the damage to his spine, but he is still going strong years later and built like a brick shithouse. He digs graves for a living

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Like cheesefingerb, I have no idea what the guy that made video is on about. Are they seriously trying to imply that bricks can't be used as a core of a structure, or that people can't add other materials with updates and maintenance?


Not saying that there can't be a cover up, I just don't understand why conspiracy theorists often shy away from Occam's razor.

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