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Bone health

Mr H

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Wondering if folks can share nutrition and activities that are good for bone health?


Have arthritis and bone cancer in family so looking for things which could avoid such scenarios.



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This is for joint health rather than bones specifically. But I've been using extra virgin olive oil massaged onto a painful knee, a couple of times a day, which has been helping although it's not a quick fix I've been using it for about 6 months. 

I originally went to the GP who offered no help other than to keep an eye on it and go back if it got worse. But it's nearly pain free now, and I'm able to sit cross-legged again to meditate. 

Good quality olive oil contains anti-oxidants and polyphenols (oleocanthal) which are anti-inflammatory. 

No doubt other oils would be good as well, but I've not looked into it much. 


Regarding cancer, I don't know much about it apart from having a general anti-cancer lifestyle such as detoxing your body as much as possible, good diet & exercise routine, low stress etc. Not easy to avoid carcinogens in today's world unfortunately! 

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