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Baltimore Bridge Collapse: State of Emergency Declared Amid “Mass Casualty Event”…


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54 minutes ago, DannyUK said:

The dead tree thats reaching up for a phone seems to have the head of a president

It does look a bit like George Washington (a founding father of the United States)


Another perspective could be (just my initial guess)...

That the phone earpiece represents communication with the past founders or at least listening to or following their initial plans/laws.

The output (speaker) contains the world as "the big apple" with a bite taken, representing commerce/excess/greed.

The handset is striking a balance between the founding fathers' initial plans/laws and the continuance of commerce, resulting in some sort of "social credit system".

The roots at the base of the hand/tree represent veins carrying blood, the blood being the connection to A.I. thereby enabling 24/7 individual monitoring for a "social credit system" to be implemented.

The numbers at the roots add up to 46, there are 46 chromosomes in the current human version 1.


Although 46 could also represent other things including words (simple gematria):

Elon, Codes, Win, Dove, MRNA, DNA Code, Link, Body, Flash, Ward etc.



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8 hours ago, DannyUK said:

I think this is within reference to dead presidents of the US and whose rhetoric we’re to listen to because it is repeated to justify this that and the other through the ideals at least of patriotism to get people to go along with anything, like the patriot act preplanned and released following 9/11. Patriotism has nothing to do with it, other than it’s manipulation.


How many actual real patriots are there? Most are fake these days. A patriot, at least in my eyes, would support their nation regardless of the actions of their leaders, instead of being malleable demoralized golems that simp for hostile foreign regimes because they have been brainwashed with anti-westernism/anti-Edomism.





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20 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


How many actual real patriots are there? Most are fake these days. A patriot, at least in my eyes, would support their nation regardless of the actions of their leaders, instead of being malleable demoralized golems that simp for hostile foreign regimes because they have been brainwashed with anti-westernism/anti-Edomism.






Stating that you believe your so called leaders are responsible for a terrorist attack because of their track record of false flags to justify their impositions doesn’t mean you’re not a patriot. It doesn’t mean you don’t support your nation it means you don’t support or have any trust or faith within your so called leaders. 

It doesn’t mean you therefore support communism or any other political regime used as a weapon by the criminal/terrorist government operation we have that seems to be occupied from the ground up by military intelligence…

It means they’re not patriots and that they don’t have the best interests of the people at heart. They have everything inverted and by the looks of it you may not be far behind them…



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A response I had been working on which took longer because I had to remove things I had already posted in responses within parts of this note 🫣 and was getting too long anyways. Sorry if if some of the context has been removed some of the previous comments maybe necessary to full grasp.

So if something is restated here again and I’ve forgot to remove thats why, this was from original workings upon the context of symbolism through this event.

If any context is missed out because I have removed something within this note please ask and I will try to show or explain what I’m referring to…


Most of this will only make sense for those with an inclination for symbolism…

The study of this incident is then not in vain or a distraction.

But the same information can later be interpreted elsewhere through other events where this same symbolism is seen and shadowed through events.

As most of the context is shown through entertainment for their ritual to work anyhow just without us often times picking up on it but just accepting it as “entertainment”. 


Immortality and Transhumansim 


Salvador Dalí in 60 seconds


Only the fool may become wise… So, “Why so Serious? 🧐

Duality, those caught up in the nature of the game taking it serious will never become wise. This seems like a contradiction but it’s not.


Salvador Dali: Great Art Explained 



Dali and Fascism




This Spring Ritual - 💀 Death and Resurrection from 3/22 ☠️ Skull and Bones 🦴 - Kate Middleton A.I. Cancer Speech to Moscow “Crocus” Terrorist Attack… 

We seem to be in the middle of a chaotic game of deception right now that was planned for the Easter Period. Why?




A Robin Red breast in a Cage. Puts all Heaven in a Rage.” - Symbolic of Mind Control and the caging of the human spirit that is trying to get out. The ultimate example being, Transhumanism which is an extension of Mind Control.


On the 25th March we had the Full Worm Moon and within the early hours of the following morning we have this incident with this bridge collapsing which appears to be symbolic.

Incidents like this and burning down factory after factory which produces food and such can all be part of creating their hunger games society and conflict especially so it seeems within America.

Specially with the destruction of America as this death cult wish to perform which will have a knock on effect around the world. As its planned to do this…









Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse - Maryland, United States

“On March 26, 2024, at 01:28 EDT (05:28 UTC), the main spans of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, across the Patapsco River in Baltimore, Maryland, collapsed after the Singapore-flagged container ship Dali struck one of its support pillars.”




For the symbolically inclined and minded… It’s important this means you…


Somethings to think about for perspective.

If you fail to identify with symbolism you will miss everything here. 

It doesn’t matter that these things can be interpreted differently within another context as more than one interpretation can exist for anything. 

This is about perception of particular symbolic suggestion which the death cult attempt to drown us within which means we will see it everywhere and soon see if any meaning attached to it remains the same or else if not discard it.

This is what creates a so called conspiracy theorist by picking up on reoccurring patterns that when not seen others see coincidence…


This symbolism is to do with divine synchronicity. 

I do believe within divine synchronicity but this doesn’t matter if you don’t believe within it. 

The death cult do and thats why they factor it in to what they do. 

The death cult imitate or mock divine synchronicity into much of their scripted events. 

So people may believe they’re actually divinely inspired and not part of one of their rituals. 

Just as divine coincidence, synchronicity and circumstance maybe hijacked by the likes of A.I. 

An obvious centrepiece for example would be 9/11 or taking the name Palestine and replacing it with Israel.

Those who accept this are more likely to believe this to be divinely inspired to ease their conscious into going along with the evil, or in supporting their own rage, which such events actually represent and was designed to justify and inspire within people. Or say they will hide behind the death cults version of say the holocaust which purely exists to justify the state of Israel otherwise they wouldn’t give a damn and we still wouldn’t be talking about it today. It’s political and has got fuck all to do with any people who actually suffered but to justify more suffering today.


You should make a judgement if such incidents are divinely inspired - maybe meaning by chance, spontaneous action - or by design, the work of the death cult, as they’re attempting to play God to create confusion, of which only they seem capable of bringing order. 

So people give their power away to this force and worship them as if they’re God regardless of if or not you may or may not believe in any God.

This shouldn’t cloud your judgement that this force wants to act as if having the “almighty divine power and control” of what many would call “God”. 


🌁 The Living Bridge… 🌉 Full film but just listen to the talk…

Aka Red Devil - Red Dragon - Whore of Babylon

The Curse of The Crimson Altar | Full Movie | Full HD Movies For Free | Flick Vault


🚤 ⚰️ Subconscious Mind - 🚤 Boat/Bridge 🌉 between life and death, the moon 🌑 - Transhumansim is chaining death⛓️💥 creating a perpetual bardo/limbo state, a fallen state of consciousness trapped by technology… 🌉 Like you may trap a bird within a cage… An extension of Mind Control…



Mission Impossible 2 - '''How to do it? By getting away from it all?'''



Not Just Another Love Song - It’s in the Music…


The First and the Last… Who?

♪ Angel Of The Morning 🐬 Juice Newton ♪


The land of milk and… 



The Death of King Charles III “Martyrdom” and Monopolise - Globalise 🌈 


The Heavens - The War is upon the heavens…

Prince Harry Living Legend of Aviation Award… WTF?


Could dimming the sun save the Earth?  Bill Gates wants to spray millions of tonnes of dust into the stratosphere to stop global warming...


April the 8th the eclipse in the USA



“Mary Land”


Virgin Mary to the Whore of Babylon…





♪ Marilyn Manson Tainted Love HD 720p best quality ♪




♪ Tom Jones - (It Looks Like) I'll Never Fall In Love Again (The Dusty Springfield Show, 5th Sep 1967) ♪





“Lights Out”

Out of Darkness | Official Trailer | Bleecker Street



♪ Small Faces - Itchycoo Park (1967) 4K ♪




Legend (1985) - Trailer HD 1080p


♪ Petula Clark Downtown. original version ♪









David Bowie the link between Transhumanism and Transgender ⚧ Agenda - Mind Control - What are “The Cobalt Wars”? - Black Noise/Sound Bomb 💣 Club of Rome “Sustainable Development” Scam 


🚤 ⚰️ Boat, Coffin, Moon Symbolism and More… MattMan Batman…

Matthew Perry - Friends - Ritual Sacrifice to “Lady Liberty” - Moon Goddess Queen Semiramis, the Whore of Babylon - Energy Harvesting?


♪ The Nobodies (Wormwood Remix) ♪



“A Proposal of Darkness…”

Black Goo - AI/Transhumanism Sentience of Control - Optogenetics - RNA, Frequency’s and Scalar Waves - We’re being Assimilated




The Knowledge of Good and Evil… 

Your obsession is my weapon… You can’t escape what you have constructed” - Playing… The Joker 🃏 

The Vanishing 1993 Movie Trailer


I’ll update some information in direct relation to Salvador Dali when I can and its relevance some maybe interested in.


Further links of interest…


The Transhumanist Bridge to their Moonage Daydream…




Called 'The Eye of Time', it was designed by Salvador Dali


In contrast to Point Pleasant Silver Bridge… “Silver” - The Moon Bridge 🌑 

This maybe why I focused upon Golden Gate Bridge 🌞 which is still a symbolic trigger event and a similar type of symbolic trigger has happened here through this incident although I would suggest to incite civil unrest by people being divided due to this issue and it being used to potentially pit side against side.


Failed Eye 👁️ Bar? Really…



Failed Eye 👁️ Bar Yeah - Eye had nothing to do with it…




Do you notice Dali’s fascination not just with eyes and bridges but eggs - Which of course is associated with Easter…

These signify new beginnings but like the eggs of Alien by H R Giger, they sometimes also represent the birth of something perverse.





Geopoliticus Child Watching the birth of the new man - The Coming Race - Transhumansim?



A Strange Creature Was Lurking in West Virginia. Then an Iconic Bridge Collapsed.

How a risky design, cost-cutting, and strange supernatural warnings changed a small town forever


The collapse severed the economic lifeline in and out of the region. - Perhaps important to note in contrast here…


The federal government estimated that the time and fuel used to reroute traffic around the collapsed bridge totaled $1 million a month.

Interstate commerce to the local businesses in Galli-polis and Point Pleasant evaporated.

The two cities, which had been linked for decades, were now connected only through an ad hoc ferry system, cleaving the micropolitan area in half.

As the economic damages mounted, President Lyndon B. Johnson authorized federal funds to rush a new bridge through, and the Silver Memorial Bridge, opened two years later. But the new bridge bypassed Point Pleasant. Route 35 no longer ran through town. A major local employer, the Marietta Manufacturing Company, closed down in 1970.






Longer version…

♪ Angel Of The Morning 🐬 Juice Newton ❤️ Extended 🏵️ Love songs with lyrics ♪



Hopefully some of these things will trigger some people to see these things that are otherwise within the subconscious where this manipulation is taking place… Of course this is like pointing out insanity. People are going to accuse you of being insane. John Lennon said it best, even if he was used for spurious means.

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I don’t know if anyone else has taken a look at this place upon google maps…






The last 10 months these photos seem to have been taken according to google going both ways over this bridge.

Almost all the immediate bars immediately overhead of the traffic on the bridge looks to have had some form of repair work recently and you can see these odd touch up patches of paint at various odd places.

Maybe something of note worth looking into.

Maybe something else worth noting…





Also for anyone not from here, you don’t really get a scale for how vast this bridge actually is but can get a good idea on google maps.

To think a boat no matter how big couldn’t avoid hitting this and then to imagine a boat thats not under power apparently being able to bring this bridge down by nudging into it no matter how big it is to bring this whole bridge down just stinks as it should for anyone thats been looking into this.



Some things worthy of note and symbolism related to this event…

April the 8th the eclipse in the USA


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14 hours ago, Fluke said:

It was an interesting augury but I doubt there is any conspiracy other than incompetence with this one.


Not quite sure how poor old David Bowie fits into this. 




How many other incompetent morons do you know that has accidentally knocked into a bridge and brought the whole thing down? A bridge as big as this?


When something happens like this that doesn’t seem acceptable or to have happened at any other time in history but we’re being led to believe its happened now, thats when you have to start asking questions…

Especially given the symbolic nature of this bridge and what it represents belonging to the history like a backbone of the US.

The symbolic nature of this means it can be turned into something more or be a trigger for it…

Such as even belonging/connected to the US national anthem. 

It seems like a symbolic and ritual attack on America foreshadowing exactly what this death cult want to achieve potentially designed to create civil unrest and we have Trump the saviour pushing the nationalist incentives to counter such threats, telling everyone to expect a bloodbath like civil war and revolution type talk by November if he doesn’t get elected…

It’s highly symbolised in other movies like The Dark Knight Rises that seems too eerie for me to be acceptable.

When you can see symbolism or similar acts taking place through media at a similar time like the movie Leave the World Behind then an incident like this happens you seriously need to start asking questions…

An image similar to this seems to have been used in Leave the World Behind also on the TV during a state of emergency announcement on TV, likely because its a scenario such as this they’re referring…





A ship that apparently wasn’t under power but was pumping out a high amount of smoke like it was under full acceleration which appears to lead (the smoke) toward a place that looks very much like explosions going off followed with other places on the bridge, not simply electrical wiring people have tried to dismiss this as.

But structural damage that was necessary enough to make the whole bridge collapse…

Whilst some have even tried to put this down to some sort of remote hijacking or ‘Black Swan’ event.

Far too many questions that doesn’t add up and too much symbolism surrounding the whole event.

Which is why I have associated with symbolism but I certainly don’t expect everyone to pick up on this or agree.

Some of what I’m stating is a context to see symbolic language and is ambiguous but I’m using these things so people maybe able to relate to something. 

This has spiritual implications connected with the knowledge of good and evil and I highly suspect is symbolic ritual of the transformation of Mary into the Whore of Babylon being declared… This has associations with transhumanism and the birth of abominations through such technology.



The Exorcist  - “Raising Hell” - The inversion and a distortion of the Virgin Mary… 

Transgender the inversion of man to Transhumanism



A corona virus 👑 and a war upon the heart - transhumansim

Of course this symbolism has a different official story.

However, an inversion of a Virgin is a Whore. This is symbolic of the Whore of Babylon conquering the hearts and minds of men.

This will be through artificial intelligence and has obvious connections to transhumanism.



She is “the destroyer of worlds

Under Your Spell - Blade Runner 2049


David Bowie

Man to Transhumansim is creating a technological bridge between man and a shadow world, the abyss, bardo/limbo/hell.

It is creating a fallen state of consciousness for man to occupy.




Marilyn Manson - Children of Cain - Lyrics




So this is to do with transhumanism and such symbolism and within this context I have related this to David Bowie and Michael Jackson as being fronts for this agenda that is closely connected with military intelligence and this agenda came at us initially through these characters…

Of course we are swamped with such “artists” or frontmen puppets today. Selling all types of distortions…

If people don’t see or understand anything else they should understand an agenda exists behind these people and how they’re related to the public to impose such an agenda almost to the point of getting people to actually desire, lust and chase after what these people are attempting to imposing onto society.

Without these icons much of this wouldn’t be possible.

They’re supposed to represent a good example just out of reach of ones own grasp. It’s psychological. It is society being conditioned.





David Bowie Hang On To Yourself documentary Pt 1.



David Bowie Hang On To Yourself documentary Pt 2.




This is why behavioural engineerings are often found out to be associated with these characters and send people into a frenzy by manipulating people’s emotions. Whilst these characters on stage seem to be lacking any form of emotion at all. Usually their working upon people’s emotions remain largely unseen but the results of this work is more than noticeable for anyone to see…

Theres a reason for this. It’s the leap from mind control to Transhumansim and its been going on longer than people realise, its just now being more openly imposed.

Also, due to this usually a lot of subconscious symbolism is associated with these characters much like the works of Dali is connected to the subconscious of things which are coming out of the darkness into the light. Possessing “a man who is not there”…

It means people through these characters are also trying to draw something through the subconscious minds of the observers or playing upon such fears and desires.

The symbolism of the moon is heavily associated with Transhumanism for anyone who’s researched it.

It’s also heavily involved with David Bowies work, some may believe being his work centres upon the “moon landings” or at least has a massive influence upon his work and vice versa. They used Bowie and similarly with other artists to sell these concepts and their agenda.

If we take the concept of transhumanism, it can be related to space, “aliens” and such, so it is going to have roots within places like NASA the foundation of which are occultists connected with this death cult and as I’ve said they’ve gone from mind control to transhumanism.

However, again anyone who’s ever researched David Bowie will see there’s more to this symbolism than that…

I hope that helps anyone and I’m really just brushing the surface of the most obvious symbolism otherwise I’d be here all day…

BTW none of this shouldn’t be taken personally as anything to do with Bowie. He is a victim and a tool as far as I can see of such an agenda.


Moonage Daydream | Official Trailer | HBO



Some things worthy of note and symbolism related to this event…

April the 8th the eclipse in the USA


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Sorry for any typos above but it’s gone too long to edit anything.

If in doubt just ask any sincere questions would be good.

These communications are for everyone here speculating and researching these issues.

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Not just incompetence. It is quite well known that the infrastructure of the past is not equipped to deal with the modern ships.


This is an interesting article.


In response to the Sunshine Skyway tragedy, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) introduced new specifications for vessel collision design of highway bridges in 1991. The new standards say engineers should design navigable waterways “to prevent collapse of the superstructure by considering the size and type of the vessel available water depth, vessel speed, and structure response.”

However, Schmucker notes that these new rules typically take a few years before they’re adopted. “It could easily have been into the 2000s before you actually saw a bridge designed for it,” Schmucker says. “That’s because of that lengthy process we use for significant bridges over navigable waterways. They are expensive… and they can be a challenge to integrate with the environment.”



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47 minutes ago, Fluke said:

Not just incompetence. It is quite well known that the infrastructure of the past is not equipped to deal with the modern ships.


This is an interesting article.


In response to the Sunshine Skyway tragedy, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) introduced new specifications for vessel collision design of highway bridges in 1991. The new standards say engineers should design navigable waterways “to prevent collapse of the superstructure by considering the size and type of the vessel available water depth, vessel speed, and structure response.”

However, Schmucker notes that these new rules typically take a few years before they’re adopted. “It could easily have been into the 2000s before you actually saw a bridge designed for it,” Schmucker says. “That’s because of that lengthy process we use for significant bridges over navigable waterways. They are expensive… and they can be a challenge to integrate with the environment.”









Have you seen the video?

Or the size and space of this bridge and what happened with the ship and then the immediate response of the whole bridge collapsing on impact…

What we need are “SMART bridges” for “SMART Cities”…




Bridges that don’t totally collapse when a vessel nudges them unless of course, they’re supposed to and then we can send a command through an app “SMART”.

Perhaps those other bridges however will have far less symbolic meaning/impact and doesn’t just so happen to be one of the biggest ports and supply chains in the US which this death cult are hell bent on disrupting so thats why such an occurrence is rarely heard of anywhere else, like buildings that collapse due to office fires and planes that completely disappear on impact, without trace never to be seen again.

The whole thing was a ritual, a script and a mockery.

This is also why fake A.I. Images are being generated and circulated around about this event to undermine a growing feeling and response, connected with say The Simpsons and Leave the World Behind to try and undermine the fact people can see what’s going on here and are questioning this as though they’re making the whole thing up and “fake news” etc. A response has been generated by this and if they didn’t want this it wouldn’t be allowed all over social media or would be downplayed in the msm in the first instance.

It’s very easy to be tricked by these fake images when you already know what this event is, coordinated, staged and planned no matter how you believe it was carried out and so are looking for more information on it.

It’s like trying to inject poison ☠️ to subvert.

Certain people and agencies are trying to undermine unity to perpetuate divide and rule and order out of chaos. A perfect environment for civil unrest.

The fact so many different narratives started to immediately emerge following this event shows that something ain’t right…


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This could all signify a power outage and technology failure within America on 8th April in my opinion this is what it’s looking like or what is being preparing for…





Birth of a Goddess - Salvador Dali


Again I would suggest that all of this is to do with Transhumansim and the Whore of Babylon 


Moon 🌑 Goddess - Such as Diana


Dali (the name of the Cargo Ship) in mythology was the goddess of the hunt... of hoof animals, more precisely deer… See the movie scene shared previously through this post… Curse of the Crimson Altar…



Dali as depicted by Svan artist Vakhtang Oniani, from a Georgian translation of the Svan ballad Givergil (Georgian: გივერგილ), published in 1969


Please only use any Wiki as a general guide… You can check this out yourself elsewhere…

Dali (goddess)



Dali (Goddess)



Death and Rebirth - Resurrection 

The myth of the moon goddess - Cynthia Fay Davis


Diana, “She Was a Star” - The Foundation Stone of Celebrity Cultural Invasion/Sensationalism - “The Truman Show”

Prince Harry Living Legend of Aviation Award… WTF?


Brain 🧠 Estimated

Your brain, in turn, is a network of 128 billion neurons connected as a single, massive, and flexible structure. 

Potentially linking this with - Hive Mind - Transhumansim 




1. Leviathan - Click Here



2. Leviathan - Click Here




‘Eclipse happens in the sign of Cetus. 

Cetus is the Sea Monster in Greek mythology. 

The ship that hit the bridge is from Singapore home of the MerLion that looks like a white Cetus. 

In the movie leave the world behind released on 12/8 the ship that hit was the White Lion. 😆

This also ties into Kate Middleton being the sacrifice for the water dragon Cetus. 

Kate is Andromeda the sacrifice. 

The bridge is also in Maryland - Water Land. 

Mar, mer, mir are all water related etymology of words. 

Mermaid, marine, marinated etc. 

A MER ica 

Something going down big. It's either media or money related.

Something is telling it's in Chicago perhaps.’






@DaleP @xpwales







Eurovision - Heartstopping


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2 hours ago, Grumpy Grapes said:

How does "White Lion" equate with 128?



It’s here for anyone interested…





Moonlight Medicine


Jul 24, 2014

Moonlight Medicine. Adrian Paul J Rabe, MD. 8 Targets of Moonlight Medicine. Infectious Disease Cardiovascular Medicine Pulmonary Medicine Endocrinology Gastroenterology Poisons and Snakebites Pain Medication Electrolyte Correction. Infectious Disease. Infectious Disease. URTI



I should say numerology is not my thing or way of thinking at all, although I don’t doubt that it’s important and a language being spoken and thought of as a part of these rituals for those who want to factor this into it.

It’s interesting to see how people can reach the same or similar POV by finding these type of synchronicities and patterns and a different way of thinking.

It may help some people see that things like this are no coincidence but coordinated.


White Lion - Lights and Thunder



Someone is after our crown chakra - a bridge between man and machine - transhumanism…

The Tale of the Merlion



Goddess of Hunting…

Sentosa Merlion: The Majestic Guardian of Prosperity



White Lion - Dream



Some similarities to be drawn


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@Grumpy Grapes

Also see here…




Predictive Programming - Ritual Mind Fuckery


‘On March 26 2024 A Cargo Ship Named Dali Crashed Into The Francis Scott Key Bridge & Immediately

We All Thought Of Obama's Movie Leave The World Behind Where A Cargo Ship Named White Lion Loses Control After A Cyberattack 

Obama's Movie Hit Netflix On 12/8
The Ship In Obama's Movie Is Named "White Lion"
"White Lion" Can Be Seen Leaving 128 Minutes Left In The Movie
There's Also A Bridge Collapse In Leave The World Behind 128 Minutes Into The Movie
The Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapsed At 1:28
The Bridge Collapsed 128 Days Before Francis Scott Key's Birthday
The Bridge Collapsed 128 Days After Joe Biden's Birthday
Bridge Collapse=128 (Gematria)
White Lion=128 
Power Grid=128
The Broken Bridge And The Dream=128 (Famous Painting By Dali)

It's Too Much To Be A Coincidence!

They Have Been Caught!

This Information Needs To Be Shared With Everyone!’




White Lion Shown Leaving 128 Minutes Left In Leave The World Behind! Baltimore Bridge Collapse!



Ending Scene | Leave The World Behind (2023)




2024 Internet Take Down


April the 8th the eclipse in the USA


I'm So Sick - Flyleaf



For more of this symbolism and foreshadowing, see here…


Cyber Attack Cripples the U.S | Live Free or Die Hard (2007)


Fire Sale/Great Reset


Live Free or Die Hard: It's Not A System, It's A Country


I’m sure I’ve mentioned the above elsewhere on the forum a few times but can’t remember the post which may have more context…


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56 minutes ago, DannyUK said:

‘On March 26 2024 A Cargo Ship Named Dali Crashed Into The Francis Scott Key Bridge & Immediately


Date: 3+2+6 = 11

Time: 1:28 =11


128 = 11

47 = 11



Julia Roberts D.O.B. 28th October 1967


Didn't she play a role of prostitute? A scarlet woman to take us to the other side and her birth day is 2+8+1+0 = 11! How appropriate.


Fck me, the ending of Leave The World Behind (2023)...

Four stages sounds so familiar. 😲

Is that NY?


All I can say is save yourself. But it's a little too late in the day to learn 'how to' if you don't know already. And I won't be praying Jesus to come and save us. THAT in itself is a trap!

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This is probably just coincidence, but 3 days after the early morning collapse, BBC4 broadcast a repeat (also in the early hours, at 1-05 am) of the documentary "Space Dive", about Felix Baumgartner's parachute jump from a little over 128000 ft  (later officially ratified at 127852.4 ft).


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5 hours ago, Grumpy Grapes said:



This is probably just coincidence, but 3 days after the early morning collapse, BBC4 broadcast a repeat (also in the early hours, at 1-05 am) of the documentary "Space Dive", about Felix Baumgartner's parachute jump from a little over 128000 ft  (later officially ratified at 127852.4 ft).



No that sounds about right to me that they do this sort of thing…


What they’re depicting is a war upon the heavens which is what Prince Harrys cryptic remarks at his phoney aviation award ceremony was all about.

This was signalling something of this nature literally saying “the sky is no longer the limit” meaning a war upon the heavens - we are no longer contained by previous limitations. Which is usually the lesser lights of heaven. George Bushs thousand lights rhetoric…

I suggested this was symbolised as transhumanism through that post as being what he was actually referring and getting at…

This from my understanding is discarding the heart and heart based consciousness of empathy and compassion, whilst also invading the brain.

Like a parasite or possession through technological means that even acts as a gateway for consciousness that shouldn’t be within this realm.

Its a war upon peoples free will even though some people already deny we already have it but our power to choose or our intentionality is essentially being hijacked with technology and is a war upon the temple of man. His body or chakra system you might say. This being the crown chakra as depicted within the Merlion myth, surrendering his crown/crown chakra to the abyss so the beast will no longer harass them, the beast of the sea wanted them.to know and accept who’s the boss… There’s more to the story…

This being with technology/transhumanism. The likes of Elon Musk type bs to link us to artificial intelligence.

This would create an artificial bridge between man and technology in the same way.


What depicts this bridge to other realms is a rainbow bridge…





Do you see the symbolism?


Heart - Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin - Kennedy Center Honors HD


I would suggest but don’t know this absolutely, that one extreme end of the frequency spectrum is what people would call hell (RED - Root Chakra), the lowest state of consciousness and the highest state of consciousness being the heavens (Violet - Crown). However this death cult try to invert everything…

But even on this level they’re part of this matrix of illusion or the wheel of samsara, the wheel of frequencies depicted as colours at varying ends of the spectrum at opposing ends.


This can be understood by researching the likes of the Tibetan Rainbow Body but this knowledge is true for other religions/spiritual groups it is just usually not public knowledge. Occult knowledge…


So this could likewise be signalling this war upon the heavens and going beyond previous limitations.

The outer limits depicted as 128k Is likely in reference to the 🧠 brains 128 Billion Neurons 🧠 that is being invaded and manipulated by technology and Optogenetics which is manipulating spectrums of light to alter brain activity. This has obvious connections to the rainbow body/spectrums of light and this technology.


This was also carried out by Red Bull… Placing the lowest frequency within the heavens…

The bull was a common representation of the Canaanite god Baal, or El, as it symbolised both strength and fertility.”



False Flag Alert: The Baal of Maryland Via Raven - Individual whom wrote this…


Let's start off with the fact that the incident occurred in Baltimore, Maryland. 


Baltimore breaks down into: 

Bal + tim + ore which means, 

Bal = (lord) baal & ball earth

tim = time 

ore = anagrams to reo (rio) which means "river" and ore "earth" 


River broken down looks like this: 

Rv reversed = VR, "voltage regulator"

I means "current"


ER means "electrical resistance"


Baltimore means, "lord baal is resetting time in the electro-curren-seas of voltage on earth" when you look at the videos coming in and know how to read their language. 

Maryland means "Mary is the motherland; the earth" and since it was a ship on the dark waters that lost power, they are referring to the maritime admiralty law of the land and sea "losing power". Reset. 


Bal "time" ore and mari "time" both speak to time and time falling apart. Reset. 

However, Baltimore proceeds Maryland so, let's look at that together. 


Baalim: (Lord and) Owner Re-garding the land of Mary(time). 



From Hell 2001


Chasing the Dragon 🐉 



🎵Manifest Destiny & Colquhouns Story fused 🎵


Terrible things, Lawrence, you've done terrible things-THE WOLFMAN (2010)




Felix Baumgartner's supersonic freefall from 128k' - Mission Highlights



I may need to review this it was written awhile ago but some of this information on Baal is here…

Duality of the Serpent - Spirit or Physical Immortality - Ancient India, Egypt - God’s or Demons - Crocodile to Reptilian

If this information seems a little chaotic this search stated based on me seeing these  literally everywhere I couldn’t get away from it…

Tibetan Rainbow Body - Buddhism 

∴ Covid-19 Noahide Laws - A Story of Peace ∴



A war upon the heavens - beyond what the eye 👁️ can see 🌈 sea 🌊 of consciousness… This is again cryptic of the Whore of Babylon…

Prince Harry Living Legend of Aviation Award… WTF?



If you’re interested in these From Hell connection, wheel of samsara etc you may want to look at this…

Enter the Void - The Bardo Life and Death - Tibetan Book of the Dead - The Fantasia Reality - The Battle of Evermore - Intermediary Beings - Psychedelics - Who am I?


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Some more information received to consider…


This is in tandem with King Charles over Easter and the Baltimore Bridge.

Remember, these bastards think about everything and nothing is without intent and certainly not innocent.

They don’t make honest mistakes but carry out ritual lifestyles in which they apply meaning and worth, this is what’s central to them and their philosophy is all about.

I’d like you to remember that where and when I say Charles I’m speaking about this stooge thats within his place. 


King Charles was seen over Easter full of life and the joys of spring, happy as Larry with his beaming smile full of gleeful delight…




It was as if nothing was wrong with him.




No one seemed to notice anyway…

The eccentric grin from hell.

Someone set the dial to “Joker” - Death and Resurrection - on smile calibration so it seems. The mockery runs deep with this one….



See here for Mind Control run amuck someone tinkering with the dial outside 

Oprah Tom Cruise



Charles comes out from the depths on Easter Day and celebrates that day wearing a tie covered with Tug-Boats... 





Btw they’ve done this deliberately to entice and mock us “conspiracy theorists”, I hope you know that…


Please wake up! 


Let me show you something! 

First of all…they said Charles wore a baby blue Tug-Boat tie with a dark overcoat! 

Blue to the ancient Egyptians represented the sky, water, the heavens, creation, primeval (FLOOD), birth, and rebirth. 




Please see The Batman connection within the Matthew Perry Post…


Vengeance won't change the past | The Batman Ending Monologue



BIRTH, and REBIRTH is OUROBOROS…the infinity ♾️ symbol…the number (8)…the dragon/snake eating its own tail! 


Friends, we are coming up on the (8th) of April! 




But pay attention to the Tug-Boats on Charles tie!!! 

Did not America just have a ship take down an important bridge, Francis Scott Key Bridge with nationalistic roots to the core of the US, such as being related to the US National Anthem for instance? 

As well as an actual necessity as being one of the largest ports within the US.

and yet the (S H I P) is still sitting there??? 

Think it might need a TUG? 

Tug-Boats provide towing and assistance to bigger ships…


Maybe its an arrogant joke within our faces as in to say “where were the Tug-Boats” that should have otherwise stopped this larger vessel from being under its own power, to be able to hit Into the bridge and cause any damage within the first instance, let alone completely collapse, as then there’s absolutely no way this could have happened…

The question not many seem to be asking whom seek to promote hacking/black swan style event of any would be foreign power the deep state death cult may want to engage to carry out population control and the like…

It’s like the removal of body guards before an assassination and such takes place that when you blame “Cuba/the Russians” or whatever we’re calling the “Islamic Extremist” group these days couldn’t have possibly had the ability to intervene, or such as making any movies that seemingly foreshadow such calamities and potential technological disruption, espionage or power loss etc 





You should ask yourself…why did Charles wear Tug-Boats on Easter after the Dali took down an American Bridge which has symbolic connotations that appears to have been a ritualistic event?


Maybe his tie is an indication of a “Tug of War”!




A Tug of War is a struggle for supremacy or “control” usually involving two antagonists! 

Well…if that’s not enough…Camila wore green on Easter.

Do you know what green means to the ancient Egyptians? 

It means “Osiris!” ☠️ Death and Resurrection ☠️

Well…when I say the world’s a stage…I mean it! 





Small Faces - Itchycoo Park (1967) 4K



Did you know that there’s an actual game called “Tug of War”…Age of Mythology??? 

In the game…mission #13…the fall of the “Trident”…color is Blue (like Charles tie) has to do with “Osiris” 

Imagine that??? 

In fact the game states…”Osiris” has been killed by Set, but if his body is reunited by bringing together four Pieces of Osiris to his Pyramid, he will be resurrected. 



TUG of WAR game!!! OSIRIS!



By the way…I said this game was mission #13 (the fall of the Trident)….well…the United Kingdom and America both own “Trident” Nuclear Subs! 

“Trident” is the actual Nuclear missile that goes on the subs see link… 


America and UK Trident






Perhaps this narrative is to do with potential “remote hacking” of vessels/black swan event narrative fits here to be used and abused one way or another…


“BIG” things appear to be coming…and are being prepared for and the royals are an integral part of it all it seems…

Be ready and prepared not to be deceived and question everything, see what it is planned to achieve and how it fits in here.


Happy Easter! King Charles offers fans a wave as he attends service at St George’s Chapel in Windsor - in his first public appearance since his cancer diagnosis



Mind Control to Transhumansim 

In someways they try to tell us something ain’t right…



SUN DIAL - I Can Tell - from Mind Control - the ultimate edition




Charles see here 


The Death of King Charles III “Martyrdom” and Monopolise - Globalise 🌈 


The Secret of V ✌🏻 - Summoning Demons and the Dead - Devil


Technocracy is a “Gold Mine of Information” Carbon Credits and the Brink's-Mat Robbery 



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On 3/27/2024 at 8:53 AM, DannyUK said:



8MM (1999) - Official Trailer


They want people to eat one another for their own survival - their own amusement see 8MM - to show our own savage nature to ourselves which needs to be neutered.

Don’t be deceived…


Marilyn Manson - We Are From America - Lyrics

Salvador Dali as a child given the name of his dead brother…


666 👌Okay?



8MM...there is the spinning wheel again. 😉


I didn't know about Dali's name. For all we know, his parents could have downloaded his brother's soul into Dali, much like the way Harry Potter hosted two souls.

Usually, such people have talents.

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