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Moscow Concert Hall Terrorist Attack? - Mass Shooting by Several Gunmen and Explosion - What is this about? Where is this leading?


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Whenever these type of attacks take place, what we’re looking at is someone or group under mind control designed to spread fear amongst the masses.

They’re wound up and set loose.

They have absolutely nothing to gain by targeting venues and everyday people who just so happen to be at them indiscriminately.

It makes absolutely no sense unless you’re able to incentivise that fear into stimulating some form of desired change within the masses and creating a state of panic.

Then you become a coordinated political wet dream for causing trouble against enemies through a mask, or using the mask yourself to bring about some form of change.

This has military intelligence all over it but to what end…?


We all know this is textbook within Europe and America etc of intelligence services doing this type of thing for our own governments to manipulate and exploit.

Either they have done the same here within Russia or like our own government the Russians have done it to their own people.

The fact American intelligence knew of this and announced it, only acts as a cover for them denying their own responsibility and participation within this event to my way of thinking and this would be the only reason for them announcing such before the event, instead of just leaving such to the Russians, sitting back and watching it play out just as they do within their so called “own country”. No matter how many watchlists these “terrorists” may happen to be upon. But we all know these scumbags have no country. This death cult are “globalists” their wet dream the NWO.


Here is an example of a similar style drill conducted in The Trafford Centre Manchester…


Dramatic pictures of mock terror attack in Manchester


I’m not suggesting everyone at the venue was in on it at all, just that this was a scenario played out.

Most people would just be ordinary people caught up this to better manipulate the situation.

Terrorists don’t have to keep to scenarios, time and places if what they want is confusion and terror.

Terrorists don’t wait around in caves all year to set about causing carnage only at certain dates that fit into the death cults playbook, fit in with all their dis/misinformation campaigns of the likes of “Where’s Kate” and all such bs designed to create confusion.

Plus it helps if you have something to gain by who you’re attacking, unless you’re wired up to see the people you’re attacking within a certain light other than reality.

Like believing everyone within the building is responsible for killing your whole family say and then your let loose to cause carnage.

Anyone not under mind control knows this is not the case and if they felt such about Russia and their government they should be attacking such just in the same way they should anywhere else in the world. Not ordinary people who have nothing to do with the direction of politics within their own nation...


Armed attackers open fire inside concert in Russia


In the mouth of madness…

Moscow attack: video captures gunmen storming concert hall and shooting dozens dead | BBC News


Boris Covid-19 - "New Jerusalem, Zion" - As Presented at 2012 Zion Olympics, Covid-19 Pantomime Act - New World Order - Noahide Laws



Radio Free Zeitgeist Presents: The Windmills of Your Mind


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Posted (edited)
6 hours ago, novymir said:

Naming "Islamist terrorists" initially, favors Zionist operations.


It's not only a false-flag, it's a show.

It's kind of a dead giveaway that they "attacked" a place that has an english spelled name, so as to get the english speaking populations to identify with it apparently.


This guy has done some good work on other hoaxed "attacks" in the USA.







Interesting video definitely…

Also some symbolism has been noted.

Thankfully I guess, it does look fake.

The whole thing really stinks, I personally don’t like automatically believing these things are faked or scripted if people really did die which they want us to become complacent with lacking empathy. Some people get the wrong idea that because something was scripted that people didn’t die. More often than not when they want these things to stick people do die. The most extreme examples will be things like from holocaust to 9/11. People really did suffer but it was a manipulation to justify more of the same, which people want to ignore or label and attack those as being preachers of hate, antisemitic or conspiracy theorists. 


As it may become visible that these acts where used as tools to justify something that was desired and if people could see that, they would view things differently.

It’s about manufacturing consent.


But this fake BS we appear to be witnessing through this event can be used to generate real world examples of exactly this type of behaviour that has been faked which is what this death cult are excellent at fabricating.







The Hanged Man


Their war upon the heavens turning the whole world upside down…


Prince Harry Living Legend of Aviation Award… WTF?


Some interesting comments I noticed on your video attached I want to share and confirm here…







Dead Man - Tell No Tales?




Look this up…




Which is held where?

Yale University, the home of ☠️ Skull and Bones 🦴 

So someones taking the absolute piss and it ain’t me so I don’t like it.


The Keys to the Voynich Manuscript





☠️ Skulls 2000 💀 




UN Mural 

^ See here


Technocracy is a “Gold Mine of Information” Carbon Credits and the Brink's-Mat Robbery  



Diner Scene [4K] - Thief (1981)

“You are scared to death? ☠️





Kundun - Nothing 


Brad Pitt Suicided - I have a Rendezvous with Death ☠️? - Revolutionary or Reactionary Suicide?


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Yeah, well, the main thing is..."death" isn't real...


The "death cult", surely wants everyone to believe it is and to fear it. Absolutely they do...that's how they rule, along with promoting fear of "negative" consequences in "the afterlife"= Bullshit spells.

The only way they rule.


But The Real is Eternal.


And what value then is there in the fake, the artificial, the deceitful, the perishable? The fake "self"?


Well, it is the fake--the deceit, that seeks to achieve immortality like a predator and a parasite(or a tumor) attached to The Real...it will not be tolerated forever. 

That's what's driving all this bullshit: resistance to Reality. It's farcical.  Afraid to Be Real....that is the condition of "humanity".



It is up to the individual to choose when it ends.




Allow the spells to be broken.


Where's their "power" now then? 



That is the "wakeup".



Jesus said: "...let the dead bury the dead...".





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The Crocus Hall massacre is a croc. The ‘shocking’ footage showed nothing other than four men with guns in combat fatigues entering an empty foyer. Someone on a balcony felt confident enough to film this on a mobile phone. Then they entered the hall, where people dived for cover as shots rang out.


News commentators said they began systematically executing people who dropped dead, while others clambered over their bodies. I saw none of that on any film, although somebody appeared brave enough to put his head above the parapet to record the event.


Why is there only mobile phone footage available, does this concert hall not have CCTV?


The only other evidence of a major incident was dozens of emergency vehicles with flashing lights, but I did not see a single stretcher taking casualties into them, with victims; I saw no blood either, but saw the roof engulfed in flames, from a distance. The building was eventually gutted! The only proof I’ve seen of multiple victims is the mass of flowers placed at the scene by mourners.


The suspects were described as “bearded men” which is a euphemism for “terrorists” and has been since Desert Storm, when the anti-iMuslim propaganda began and reached fever pitch on 9/11 with beardy Bin Laden as the arch-villain. It has not ceased, courtesy of the Jewish media, and we have now bombed every Islamic nation on Kissinger’s list, except Iran.


(Hollywood should make a movie called Kissinger’s List!)


It soon became clear that the Moscow attack was perpetrated by “Islamists” because ISIS want revenge on those who destroyed Muslim countries. So, they went all the way to Russia, when Tel Aviv is literally across the border from the ISIS stronghold in Syria. Curious!


The culprits were soon caught, supposedly, and dragged into court, one was wheeled in by men in army camouflage and black balaclavas, who looked more like terrorists, while the suspects wore Addidas track-suits to appear like ordinary blokes. They had been badly beaten and tortured and could hardly stand in the dock, one was unconscious and another was missing an ear!


So much for innocent until proven guilty! I guess they got a “confession.”





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There is a clip of a "throat cutting" of someone "shot" laying on the ground, which has an initial shock effect, there is red liquid that spills after several pulls with the knife, and then the otherwise immobile, unresponsive "victim" rolls over on his side facing away from the camera.


They want to shock/traumatize people out of a critical thinking state of mind concerning a crime...and tell them what everything is and what it's about...which of course includes the idea that it would be the greatest absurdity and insanity to consider or believe that "governmental" agencies and entities were lying and are in fact the actual perpetrator. 


So I'm still calling it fake. It's not that hard to do fake blood, moulage, and hollywood style effects.


The perpetrators have unlimited funds and resources available for this B.S. including the "news media". They can pretty much do whatever they want...make up records, fake funerals, frame patsies, etc, etc. 



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On 3/23/2024 at 2:17 PM, pi3141 said:

I'm surprised not to see a thread on this.


There has been a terror attack in Russia.


ISIS have claimed responsibility so I guess we all know its really the Crypto Jews, because ISIS are Sabbatean Frankists Crypto Jews who have infiltrated the Islamic world to get them to start a war with the Jews so the Jews have a reason to destroy all Islam because its stated in Judsism that all other religions are false and they alone hold the true word of God, and God wants everyone who isn't Jewish destroyed.


So the best way to achieve that is infiltrate your enemy, do horrible acts of terror to justify a genocide.


Putin's no fool. He knows its the Crypto Jews but he himself is a Crypto Jew so he'll play the game and dennounce ISIS as a terror group and help the Jews annihilate them.


Just hope Ramzan Kadyrov doesn't object, he's devout Muslim outwardly, maybe he's also a Crypto sabbatean frankist Jew.


Leading the Chechen men into a false flag war with the Jews before he abandons Islam and the Chechen Republic.


It's like a soap opera all this isn't it.


Moscow concert attack live updates: Putin vows to punish terrorists after Moscow concert attack kills 133

The Russian president accused Ukraine of preparing a "window" for the suspects to escape. Kyiv has staunchly denied any role in the attack.


The terror group ISIS has claimed responsibility but did not provide proof of the claim. U.S. officials confirmed to NBC News that they had been gathering intelligence for months that ISIS could mount a mass casualty attack in Russia, though no final assessment had been made yet about who was responsible. U.S. Embassy officials issued a warning earlier this month urging people to stay away from large gatherings.


Link - https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/live-blog/moscow-concert-attack-live-updates-rcna144768



There you go see ISIS claimed responsibility but couldn't prove it, that proves it was crypto-jews. 


I bet it wasn't even ISIS that directly claimed responsibility but rather a crypto-sabbatean-jew pretending to be ISIS to draw Russia into killing the Jews enemies.


That makes so much more sense than there actually being a load of Muslims fanatical about their faith who are willing to kill and die for Islam.


That don't make any sense at all.


Crypto-Jews dressed up and living a Muslim life to infiltrate and then commit atrocities as a precursor to Kill every one and rebuild the Temple, yeah that makes so much sense.


I'm sure other members will be along to connect the dots.


Defo the Jews though.



That's a pretty good non-fictional satire there!



But it doesn't really cover the half of it.


Most of the "crypto-jews" don't even know they're "jews"...



But by their fruits I can see them.




Here's some more "satire":




Of course those ones aren't "crypto", at least not any more, and I don't know if they're "sabbatean" whatevers...




ps: anyone that knows anything knows (KGB)Putin is...and then his grandfather also was Lenin's and Stalin's "chef". Who was Putin's "chef"? Was he just a simple "cook"?



What a load of bullshit, to pretend.....................................blind eyes of fear. 



Not everyone is a dupe or a coward though






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"Crypto" means someone that's working under cover like a spy, so a good place to find government cryptos is in the secret intelligence agencies and special branches. It doesn't stretch my imagination too much to suggest that religions have intelligence agencies as well as governments. 

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1 hour ago, Campion said:

"Crypto" means someone that's working under cover like a spy, so a good place to find government cryptos is in the secret intelligence agencies and special branches. It doesn't stretch my imagination too much to suggest that religions have intelligence agencies as well as governments. 

Merriam Webster


"a person who adheres or belongs secretly to a party, sect, or other group"


"hidden : covered"


"hidden by dissembling : unavowed".




Kinda like "traitor", or "backstabber",  or "fraud". They claim allegiance/adherence to one thing but bear allegiance/adherence to something else.

Sometimes those "something elses" are diabolical. That's why they pretend.



Merriam Webster


 "to hide under a false appearance"


"to put on the appearance of : SIMULATE 



" to put on a false appearance : conceal facts, intentions, or feelings under some pretense










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"You will hear a common theme from U.S. Government officials involved in counter-terrorism about “following the money.” The sad truth, however, is most have no clue about how to do that. When I, along with five other partners, formed BERG Associates LLC in 1998, we carved out a niche as a unique group of specialists in money laundering investigations. The star of our team, John Moynihan, is a forensic accountant who did four years with DEA running its undercover money laundering operations in New York City. I learned a lot from John. He is a certified genius in this area.


Remember when ISIS was at its strongest in Syria in 2013? They were driving around in brand new Toyota pick up trucks. All that needed to be done was get the serial number off of one vehicle and work backwards. Moynihan and I briefed this to a Special Operations Command (SOCOM) officer who was given the task of “following the money.” To my knowledge he never followed up on our recommendation of how to figure out who was supplying ISIS with those trucks. They did not steal them off of a car lot."


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4 hours ago, bryan said:

"You will hear a common theme from U.S. Government officials involved in counter-terrorism about “following the money.” The sad truth, however, is most have no clue about how to do that.

that is the point,they are and will talk about it,but will not do anything about it................that is the whole point of the politics in general

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8 hours ago, Screamingeagle said:

that is the point,they are and will talk about it,but will not do anything about it................that is the whole point of the politics in general

Jim Rickards told Alex Jones he saw incontrovertible proof of insider trading in the 5 days before 9/11, but the government never looked into it. Rickards doesn't believe it was an inside job, though. He says it was most likely Bin Laden's family, his cook and his driver who were buying puts on the airlines.




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