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April the 8th the eclipse in the USA


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On 4/7/2024 at 8:58 PM, DaleP said:


Pity, they don't sell this on DVD. I would like to watch it in full.


Anyway, this trailer.... you see the girl and tom cruise and two white horses (Keter). She was attracted to it....like everyone would so she run across the....WATER (abyss) and she was transported into hell and the nightmare begins. 😁


Movie length: 114 mins (11 abyss, 4 manifestation)





Two unicorns I believe mystical white horse symbolism, likely why white horses themselves are also associated with such otherworldly qualities, divine innocence and vice-versa. When her brain becomes twisted, she’s has her innocent nature corrupted, as she is captured, like she’s “flak happy” in other words, traumatised she desires the corruption of further innocence still. This is symbolic for the nature of the divine feminine like the Virgin Mary becoming a tool of evil, repurposed.

Almost like a ritual to be completely taken over by the demonic which has already bamboozled her senses by dancing with chaos, she becomes a puppet, a mannequin of death ☠️ a void of and for darkness…


See here…

The Bloody White Horse - Two Horses in London symbolism recently…

St George’s Day - Nationalism Vs Globalist Death Cult?


This symbolism here is associated with the eclipse… See the trailer…


Clash Of The Titans (2010) | Modern Trailer


In this sense, the fall of America is the fall of the Titans, fall of Babylon etc in how these games of history repeating themselves are being played…

See here previous Titan Comment


Pegasus, the winged horse of Zeus

We land in the world of Greek mythology. Here we find Pegasus, the famous winged horse of Zeus, king of Olympus.

Undoubtedly one of the most iconic horses in history.




The myth tells that Pegasus was born from the blood spilled from Medusa’s neck during the fight with Perseus.

Initially Zeus used the white stallion to transport lightning from the forges of Hephaestus to Mount Olympus.

Pegasus will be of great help to Bellerophon, who, after taming him with the harness he received as a gift from Athena, will defeat the fearsome Chimera, only to die by falling right out of the saddle of his steed. The steed thus returns among the gods, transforming into a cloud of stars: the famous constellation of Pegasus.




The Trojan Horse




Although it is a “fake” and legendary horse, the Trojan horse remains one of the most famous in history. After building it under the suggestion of the wily Odysseus, the Greeks offered it as a gift to the Trojans as a symbol of feigned surrender. Once brought inside the city walls, the Greek soldiers, hidden in the horse’s hollow belly, emerged into the night, finally defeating the Trojans and ending a ten-year war.



ABBA - Waterloo Symbolism/Association… @xpwales


Marengo, Napoleon’s horse

One cannot talk about horses in history without mentioning Marengo, Napoleon Bonaparte’s horse. Napoleon’s passion for horses is well known: his personal stable numbered 52, but Marengo was undoubtedly his favorite. He lived between 1793 and 1831, and was at the emperor’s side during his most important battles, including Austerlitz, Jena, Wagram, and Waterloo, wounding himself eight times. Napoleon decided to name it after the Battle of Marengo, which the French won.

8 ♾️ 




Marengo arrived in France from Egypt: he was a magnificent Arab who was 5’5″ at the withers, perfect for Napoleon, who was short in stature. He was a very fast horse, and could complete the 120km between Valladolid and Burgos in just five hours. Unfortunately, the defeat at Waterloo separated Napoleon from his steed forever: the horse was captured by the British and brought back as spoils of war. For this reason, his skeleton is now preserved in a museum in Chelsea, London.


More information here…



NAPOLEON - Official Trailer (HD)




The Four Horsemen of Nottinghamshire…




“King is dead, long live the King…”

“Springs first black night…”

Robin Hood (2010) - Returning The Crown (HD)


All in all - Corona - Crown Chakra Virus 

The Death of King Charles III “Martyrdom” and Monopolise - Globalise 🌈 



And do you know that Coldplay wrote a song called Viva La VIDA like the Horse's name??? 

And do you know that one of the lines in that Coldplay song is this ➡️ Now the old King is Dead, long live the king”? 

You should really take the time to read all the lyrics from that song… They also encompass some other elements of what has been discussed here…



Coldplay - Viva La VIDA (Official Video)


I used to rule the world

🌊 Seas would rise when I gave the word

Now in the morning, I sleep alone

Sweep the streets I used to own


I used to roll the dice 

Feel the fear in my enemy's eyes 

Listen as the crowd would sing 

"Now the old king is dead, long live the king

One minute, I held the key 

Next, the walls were closed on me 

And I discovered that my castles stand 

Upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand  

(The Tower-Tarot- Poor Foundations/Tower of Babel - Don’t build your land upon a sandy land - Beach/Bardo/Limbo Imagery I must have discussed at length)




Depicting letters falling off, where have we seen this recently?

Also the fault with the Big Ben Tower obviously factors into this imagery.

The more traditional looking tarot depiction shows the crown falling along with its rulers previously playing king of the castle.


I hear Jerusalem bells a-ringin' 

Roman cavalry choirs are singin' 

Be my mirror, my sword and shield 

My missionaries in a foreign field 

For some reason, I can't explain 

Once you'd gone, there was never 

Never an honest word 

And that was when I ruled the world


The Man Who Sold the World also springs to mind reading these lyrics…

See more here…


Coldplay - Viva La Vida (Official Video)


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On 4/10/2024 at 2:06 AM, webtrekker said:


That's nonsense, I'm afraid.


I myself observed a partial solar eclipse here in North East England on 12 October, 1996. I projected the Sun onto a sheet of A4 paper using a monocular (one half of a pair of binoculars) and watched the whole thing as it happened. I occasionally use this method to observe sunspots as well.


This is the eclipse from 1996 in Stellarium ...







Also, this does make some sense…

Something isn’t right one way or another…



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1 hour ago, DannyUK said:

The myth tells that Pegasus was born from the blood spilled from Medusa’s neck during the fight with Perseus.

@DannyUK And we see 88 again... Pegasus = 88 Ordinal






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On 4/22/2024 at 11:12 AM, Captainlove said:

Well HAARP has been used as a weapon for a while now. So need need of nukes anymore. Why not use weather as a weapon then nobody gets the blame then. Just blame nature and the climate hoax.

I was educating some older ladies today re the manufactured weather. Its always interesting watching reactions to those who never think the govt would do such a thing ....🤨

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12 hours ago, RobinJ said:

I was educating some older ladies today re the manufactured weather. Its always interesting watching reactions to those who never think the govt would do such a thing ....🤨

The amount of people i know who think the goverment are here to help is frightening.

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On 5/1/2024 at 11:40 PM, xpwales said:

@DannyUK And we see 88 again... Pegasus = 88 Ordinal



I’ve seen this mate floating around FB since the end of April OJ got time to post it.

Theres a few different variations on it but they’re all basically suggesting exactly the same thing here and I keep seeing it so thought it was about time.

I wonder why this maybe happening?

If anyone has been reading this post and a more recent example, people will know immediately why this is being shared as a form of mockery.

Not that everyone sharing this around knows this, many truthers think it is a good example of why Global Warming/Climate Change is bullshit. Which it is.

But this is happening so when a flood does occur, “look we told you” and such people have egg on their face. It’s a controlled PSYOP for the coming “TSUNAMI”.

I AM T SUN - the Sun did it…

That’s when this scenario happens following the eclipse that mimics, imitates, carry’s out a similar pattern to that event of 1810/11.

We will have to judge if it’s man made or natural. I personally believe some sort of natural event is going to occur but it its going to be artificially redirected using technology to wherever the death cult want it to suite their purposes. 


Heres one example…





Statue of Liberty in 1898 vs the Statue of Liberty now. Boy have those "global warming" sea levels risen. At this rate we better all start building arks fast;)💦 don't drown🏊‍♂️

#AsTheWorldTurns #eyeswideshut 


Other Pics - Wording stays similar to that above…





Anyone who has read what has been being discussed here will be under no doubt or illusion as to what’s taking place unless they simply don’t want to believe it.

Then when something like this occurs I guess they’ll be in denial or something…

People need to become aware, it’s about the only thing we can do.


This very B Movie gives a taste of this controlled/modified weather narrative many of us already know about now but of course it is associated with Global Warming/Climate Change as thats how funding for the movie to create this was likely attained otherwise it wouldn’t be known about at all and if it wasn’t for weather modification and this scenario I wouldn’t be sharing it. Just here in case anyone’s interested or if it will encourage research on the subject…


NYC Tornado Terror FULL MOVIE | Action Movie | Nicole De Boer | The Midnight Screening II


Don’t ignore the signs!


Northern Lights Visible Across the UK? - HAARP Research May 8th to May 10th


Creed - Signs



Matthew Perry - Friends - Ritual Sacrifice to “Lady Liberty” - Moon Goddess Queen Semiramis, the Whore of Babylon - Energy Harvesting?


The Red Dragon 🐉 

The Death of King Charles III “Martyrdom” and Monopolise - Globalise 🌈 


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