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Is Iran part of the New World Order?

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This country is very mysterious for me. They seem to be independent and anti-system. They always speak against the United States and Israel governments. They have their own resources. They follow the Islamic law, and from what I've seen, with that type of law, they have managed to lower crime rates. But I guess, the Islamic law is too rigorous and brutal, that's another topic.


Iran said that the recent problem with the death of that Iranian woman Amini and the subsequent protests against the Islamic laws were orchestrated by the USA. This topic is controversial. I'm against any murder and oppression, of course.


However, are they really independent? Did they actually managed to be outside of the Illuminati control or are there Illuminati families in Iran also? Is the Ayatollah Jomenei a good or bad religious figure? Are they actually against satanic powers? Or are they pure bluff and the same beast with another religious approach? Do they know about the reptilians? Do they do reptilian rituals?

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It's an interesting question. They are the successors to the Persian empire and the Zoroastrian religion, and have been an important player in world history for thousands of years. The current dialectic between Iran and the USA also cuts across the divide between Shia and Sunni Islam. And Iran is a big Islamic opponent of Zionism as they support proxies like Hamas and Hezbollah. 


In terms of secret society networks, Persia was the home of Hasan-i Sabbah the leader of the Order of Assassins, contemporaries of the Knights Templar.  


I can't give a definitive answer as it's a subject I'd like to research more, but with all these dialectics and divide-and-rule tactics going on it looks very plausible that Iran is part of the illuminati network. It looks like their footprints all right. Although it probably goes by another name over there, illuminati being a German name for it. 


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