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Monday 27th February 2024

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Kid Rock-Head. Mainstream ‘Alternative’ Media (MAM) hero on the MAM Rogan show. Words have no meaning. If people can’t see the calculated takeover by the political ‘right’ of the genuine alternative by now they must have a blindfold


You wanna steal my bike, you pain in the arse?


Sadiq Khan faces fresh questions over public spending after he sends £117k ‘night tsar’ – who is also a BBC DJ – around the world on luxury trips to ‘build partnerships’ – despite London’s declining party scene as 1,165 venues shut in three years


The red glow in the sky before Chinese earthquake


Mary Poppins released in 1964 has its age rating lifted from a U to a PG over ‘discriminatory language’


Politics: rise of the phobes


You wanna steal my bike, you pain in the arse?


Face Biometrics Growing Role in Trust Raises Stakes for Fakes


Google Isn’t Just Trying to Rewrite History. It’s at the Centre of a Worldwide Web of Censorship


Global network to monitor safety of vaccines has failed governments and citizens around the world


The drug industry’s aggressive reputation began with Pfizer in the 1950s and 1960s


The Climate Alarmist Attack Dog Who Was Wrong About Everything


Follow Me Into Heart Space and Connect to All that Is


Jacob Rothschild is dead. Or rather he has departed to the demonic realms of the lower Astral to be welcomed home by his fellow demons who have been manipulating human society for aeons. A demonic changing of the guard – for now.


David Icke – ‘The Secret Tour’ – Streaming Now On Ickonic.com


The Walk – EP 88 – The Forgotten Industrial Heartland – A Walk With @LeiceExplore – Newbold, Leicestershire


A Global Chorus of Pretence to Halt the Gaza Bloodbath





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