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Sunday 25th February 2024

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“Most Qualified Person Should Get the Job” is a Microaggression, Imperial College and Other Top Universities Say


UK Excess Deaths Correlate to Lethal Midazolam Injections with Dr Wilson Sy


Italy’s Ridiculous Meloni: If Russia hadn’t invaded Ukraine, Hamas wouldn’t have attacked Israel


I don’t know this guy or any other politician (thank you God) but when political parties are suspending people for an OPINION, whether you agree with it or not, we are way down a dark Orwellian road If Khan was a white bloke and someone said he was controlled by far-right extremists they would be applauded, not suspended. True ‘anti-racism’ is to treat all colours and creeds the same. This is not what is happening. I am against racism – ALL, not selective, racism – and FOR the right to an opinion. I must be an extremist then according to today’s insanity. I’m okay with that. To be on the right side of insanity is a good place to be


‘Hypocrite’ Rayner’s £48k profit on council house sale: Starmer’s deputy used Maggie’s flagship policy to buy discounted home – but now she threatens to cut subsidy for others


Donald Trump WINS South Carolina 2024 Republican Primary: Nikki Haley handed a whopping defeat in her home state


Scientists Recreate Fingerprints from the Sound of Swiping on a Touchscreen


Elon Musk Says Gmail Alternative Called XMail ‘Coming’


Unravelling Bill Gates’ global web of influence


Bill Gates’ dark dream of blocking sunlight from the Earth is about to be realized



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