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Saturday 24th February 2024

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Give it a rest. He’s kneeling to meet kids and get in the frame for pictures. I wonder if he kneeled to the people when he was in the KGB and a go-between with East Germany’s Stasi secret police? Naivety – the human disease


Shit – the eyes. Bloody hell. Who (or what) is on the other end?


A Jewish take on Israel/Gaza which is bang on the button except to add that October 7th was clearly allowed to happen and the Israeli government was behind the creation of Hamas. Palestinians are caught between two ‘sides’ with the same master


Survey of embalmers shows how many are finding rubbery clots; “the science” will never cover stories which threaten Big Pharma sponsors


How Keir Starmer Barged into Lindsay Hoyle’s Office Ahead of Key Israel Vote While Sue Gray Lurked Nearby and Chris Bryant Stalled in the Commons


Google Pauses Gemini AI After Critics Blast it as “Too Woke” for Generating Images of Asian Nazis, Black Vikings and Female Medieval Knights


Why is the CDC Still Recommending Face Masks for Two Year-Olds? Because they’re Cult-owned morons


Do Pokémon, Beetles and Rocking Horses Really Have a ‘Right to Privacy’?


Europe Faces Industrial Wipeout From Net Zero, 73 Major Companies Warn (That’s the idea)


Energy Suppliers Allowed to Re-start Forced Installation of Prepayment “Smart” Meters


Interest on the Debt Will Exceed Defense Budget This Year


“Absolutely Crazy”: Vacant LA Office Tower To Be Torn Down For Just 30 New EV Charging Stations


Alarm over 200% explosion in young women and girls getting pancreatic cancer as top experts admit they are baffled by ‘frightening’ rise of deadly disease



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