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Sunday 18th February 2024

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US Planning to Send More Bombs to Israel – Report


FBI Informant Charged With Lying About Biden Bribes


David Icke on Elon Musk


Mate … ask yourself why the here-and-no-further Mainstream Alternative Media (MAM) is being allowed to circulate wider so long as the ‘right’ people are involved and Joe Rogan gets a reported $250 million Spotify contract that includes circulation on Apple and YouTube It’s happening because they WANT it to happen. It’s the WEF soft sell for those who won’t buy the hard sell. ‘AI control is inevitable so let the “good guys” run it’. Hard sell: AI takes over. Soft sell: AI takes over. It’s a mind game and you have fallen for it.


Smart motorway ‘computer glitch’ led to terrifying six-car pile-up on M6 after ENTIRE safety system shut down in a ‘catastrophic failure’, insider claims


Moment mayhem erupts in Hague as brawling ‘migrants’ torch cars, trash buildings and hurl bricks at riot cops – turning Dutch city into a WARZONE


The Biggest Secret – £10/$10 All Weekend


Beyond Orwell’s 1984, 5G and the launching of 6G: “It’s Easy to Take Down a Society that is Digital”


The Great Reset Didn’t Work: The Case of EVs


JPMorgan Chase and BlackRock Drop Out of Major UN Climate Alliance


These corporations and CEOs are not your friends. They are asking you to accept that the WEF AI agenda for humanity is inevitable and to fit and conform with it. All packaged to say how much they care. They don’t


The Covid Resistance Deserves the Nobel Peace Prize


Starmer’s Britain: Fury as local Labour branch pressures pub into cancelling Conservative-run debate with gender-critical campaigner Kellie-Jay Keen as a panellist


Skin Cancer Diagnosis Delays Caused by Lockdowns Led to 12,000 Years of Life Lost


The Conceptual Conditions of Ruin


The explanation to Tucker Carlson by conservative activist Mike Benz for why the military at first supported Internet free speech is one way to look at what happened, but there is another that I have been writing about in the books for decades. That is the following: Free speech was necessary at the start to attract the global population to the Internet which would never have happened to the same extent had today’s censorship been instigated from the start. Here, here, kitty, kitty. Once Cult-funded, military-funded, operations, including Google, Facebook, etc., reached a stage of near-monopoly, and much of the non-Internet media had been wiped out or marginalised, the censorship could begin in earnest as it was meant to from the start on the basis of ‘Where else are you going to go now?’ The Cult, via the military, controls the Internet and has done since Day 1. The military, to state the obvious, has no interest in free speech. I am sure Mike Benz is correct in some of what he says, although I disagree on several things, but this other explanation is by far the most important and long-term one. As for ‘Deep state’ attacks coming against Elon Musk – that is absolutely predictable and every single one will cement his role as a free speech hero when that is the last thing that he is.


Should a senile old man be the leader of the free world?



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