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How I met Elon Musk and Wahy I don't trust him

indigo solo

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About 15y ago, I was new in social networks, and theyselves were. It existed not so much censorship and control. But, what did exist, was the propaganda. That kind of product, service (fear or person postioning) campaigns. Via repetition, as you may know, they pretend to install concepts in our subconcscious. The problem for them is when someone, as many of us, is awakening and the subconscious is not so "sub", but each time more conscious, and they can't manipulate our psyche. 

Well, the first time I read the name "Elon Musk" was in Facebook, And I wouldn't have been interested at all if it wasn't repeated psycoticly. My first impression, as a little bit awaken one, was "They want to sell this guy as a god". So I searched, and the first description I found of Musk was:

"he is one of the n people rich -by-himslef today". Right. No doubt. They want we to adore him. 

In case it is not clear: Richness is one of the goals the system printed in our minds from the kinder gardern. Being rich is better than being poor. And  from then, a new millenial concept: Being rich by one-self (not from the parents). So, a new level of goal to track and a new level of god to adore. 

Not awakening people, automatically starts to adore the new god. 

Many years later, I used to read a lot RT news, and I was surprised RT as well glorified Musk. The operation of positioning was still active. Everyday there were at least a couple of titles with Musk name (as well as Thunberg coverage  and Trump blackmailing.) 

One of the stories about Musk, in 2018, that revealed him to me as a narcissist, was the flame-launcher he was producing and selling, to use in an eventual zombi aopcalypse. It apeared to me like a little child palying with his money. But this is going too far nowadays. Is as if he knew a zombi apocalypse is REALLY possible. Or, as a narcissist, he is making fun of the world he uses as a playground. 


The facebook post in which I first read the name ELon Musk, was that meme "Be like this guy", what means "Be like Elon". A meme is one of the most powerfull mind programing tool. But, people was complaining in comments of such meme. And, guess: They were declared "haters" and were banned. 

Clear as water. He is being promoted since then as a God. 


Now, he is a free speech warrior. 


Please be aware in msm, when an idea is being installed in your subconscious. Repetiton is the most effective way. Pandemic is supposed to have been real because media repeat the word Pandemic each minute,with no other purpose than mantain it "real" in people mind. 

When something is real, it needs no advertising. 


Right, I write this kind of stuff only to help consciousness to be promoted. A single seed is a success. 


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