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Sunday 11th February 2024

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Kim – yes, so why did BlackRock, Vanguard & State Street, plus Morgan Stanley, sell Twitter to Elon Musk? Did you know that Michael Griffin, a CIA head of In-Q-Tel and then NASA, was fundamental in the emergence of Musk’s Space X which has had big contracts from NASA and the Pentagon?


Is this guy ever going back to Argentina? This is your hero Mainstream ‘Alternative’ Media (MAM). Embarrassed enough yet are we? I doubt it. Israel owns Argentina. It’s official. And the true goal of Israel with the Al-Aqsa mosque is exposed


The extraordinary insult of those who died in Nazi Germany that you would use them as a shield from the fact that you have overseen the systematic opening of the US southern border for a blatantly political agenda. Words like contemptible have no meaning


It wasn’t that long ago that you would see this and say by reflex action – ‘This is a piss-take, right?’ NOW … woof, woof


The idea that this clown persuaded Ukraine not to have a peace deal with Russia, as per Putin interview, is intelligence-insulting Zelensky and co get their orders from the Global Cult via, VIA, American political clowns, not British ones. Biden officially runs America, Johnson officially ran Britain, and now Sunak officially has the job. They are all gofer clowns – here today, gone tomorrow – to hide the real global power structure.


No more rounds on a merry-go-round horse: ‘Will a hobby horse no longer be allowed?’ Animal rights lunatics say wooden horses give the wrong impression


What NO ONE is saying about Tucker Carlson’s Putin Interview


Thinking Dangerous Things


Organisations that make up the UN World Government System


Pfizer’s “Secret” Report on the Covid Vaccine. Beyond Manslaughter. The Evidence is Overwhelming. The Vaccine Should Be Immediately Withdrawn Worldwide


Oh, the irony! MPs welcome migrant thugs then demand protection from them


State power grab over child health Part 1: Vaccination in schools


The Complexity Science of Medicine Requires Freedom


The FDA and Vaccine Manufacturers Still Refuse to Show Us Their Work


Michael Mann v. Mark Steyn: The Criminalizing Of Free Speech In America


Exposé Highlights Costly “Smart” Water Meter Deployment Disasters in Multiple Cities and States



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