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Who runs the war machine?


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Before WW1 and WW2 the US hated wars it was so bad a country could take over most of the world and the US would not go to war. But after WW2 the US been in hundreds of wars in Africa, Middle East and Asia along with big wars in North Korea and Vietnam both being proxy wars and war in Iraq war,  Afghanistan war and proxy war with Russia today.


So who promotes and gives money to this war machine. Who runs the US that the US hated wars and a country could take over most of the world and the US would not go to war to where it is today.


Who is making the US go to war and why? Who is running this war machine and why?

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A certain people that call us Edom, who are trying to self-fulfil a prophecy where they need to undermine the West to bring about their messianic age. They use your nations for their goals, then once they have what they want and the negative image of your nation has been created, they abandon and scapegaot you. Their ideology came from the East, not from tribes from Germania, never forget this.

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Who runs the war machine is perhaps those who wish to reshape the stone , humans, society, the third way .


Is  war machine allowing development of neural warfare ,neural rights normalising it , leading to transhumanism and mind control 



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Deceit is The Governing Principle of this so-called "world". AKA "The Prince of this world".


The "war" is in the mind. The "world" is in the mind. 


The "war" between Truth and Deceit.


In The End; Truth "wins"....in fact, it's already over...we just haven't "realized" it yet. 






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