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Technocracy is a “Gold Mine of Information” Carbon Credits and the Brink's-Mat Robbery 

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The Golden Rule…

Whoever has the Gold makes the rules.




Do’s and don’t do’s of the social credit system.

Complete Control


What could be going on here?

Another way of selling “sustainable development”, you rap it up with something you’d hope more people are interested in. 

The Brink's-Mat Robbery.

This time, it is us being robbed and looted of our senses.


Who licensed them?

I’m sure many people would like to setup scheme to get money for nothing.

Usually it means you have to be a Mason 🤔


The Masonic Brinks-Mat Robbery 

The Illuminati 1 All Conspiracy No Theory


Masons Linked to Bullion Heist

“Kenneth Noye, the Brinks-Mat bullion handler wanted in connection with the M25 road rage murder, was a mason in the Hammersmith Lodge, a Commons select committee investigating links between the freemasons and police was told last night.

The claim that Noye and the Brinks-Mat bullion gang were freemasons will raise questions about the ease with which Noye evaded detection in spite of a national alert after the killing on a slip road of the M25.”



Brink's-Mat villain Kenneth Noye and the multi-million Amazon jungle scheme | EXCLUSIVE


EXCLUSIVE: Road rage killer Kenneth Noye and riddle of £40million green scheme where he lives

A Mirror investigation can reveal Amazon Forest People has been involved in an ­environmental project that pledges to protect Brazilian jungles - but it was suspended last month

The company behind the scheme pledges to protect Brazilian jungles, but it was suspended last month and is being sued for more than £800,000 amid “land grabbing” claims. It is not known where the money from the venture has gone or who is behind it as it is run via an offshore structure.





Brinks Mat Robbery 1983



Fool's Gold 1993 Sean Bean - Trust No One - The Brink's-Mat Bullion Robbery


The Curse of Gold?

Gold sends most people insane.

Yet, he who has the Gold makes the Rules?


Unveiling the Psychology of Gold: Why Do People Treasure This Precious Metal?



Villain (1971) - Trailer


They say theirs no such thing as a perfect crime.

They’re wrong.”

All experts and computer models agree…

Club of Rome - Population Control Rhetoric - XXX

Computer predicts the end of civilisation (1973) | RetroFocus


David Bowie the link between Transhumanism and Transgender ⚧ Agenda - Mind Control - What are “The Cobalt Wars”? - Black Noise/Sound Bomb 💣 Club of Rome “Sustainable Development” Scam




The Antichrist Conspiracy






The Death of King Charles III “Martyrdom” and Monopolise - Globalise 🌈 




Cloning - Path of Transhumanism from the human unable to reproduce due to being sterilised/neutered with drugs, vaccines and technological bombardment.

End Game Technology - The Soft Sell of Mind Control Transhuman Technology - “Neuralink company implants brain chip in first human”



Marilyn Manson - Children of Cain - Lyrics




Seiichi Tanaka - Tsunami


^ The People of the Light to Daylight Robbery - Virtual Reality - Transhumanism V

Transhumanism - A.I. - Freedom, Free Will? - Free Your Mind – Danny Boyle’s Matrix Reboot “Shock to the System” - Manchester


The Golden Rule…

Whoever has the Gold makes the rules.

So remember to take pictures. It will last longer… 

Insanity, its been going on for years…


THE BANK JOB Trailer (2008)



SEXY BEAST - Trailer - (2000) HQ



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It’s what the system of Masonry is all about…

Did Kenneth Noye have the police in his pocket??? Brinks Mat Gold Robbery,The Gold Bullion,


It looks quite clear Kenneth Noye had connections to the Brink’s Mat Gold Robbery from the start.

It also looks clear that the crooks, very likely Noye, also made an inside connection that would be able to make sure the gold would be available on the day of the robbery all packaged up on pallets in the middle of the room not a vault and that they expected to find and deal with a large quantity of Gold from the start, if the people on the ground where not quite as prepared to handle it.

This is also consistently downplayed or presented as an unforeseen or opportunistic circumstance of the robbery, while it is quite literally the centrepiece the elephant in the middle of the room…

Which just so happens to have been traded back to the same company that it was looted from.

Wouldn’t you avoid trading with that company like the plague if you had nicked their gold?

There’s only one reason I can see for being so bold and the fact that no one would expect it.

It means someone else was working with them much higher up within the company with influence within the establishment.


Brinks Mat gold robbery documentary (1985)


Cut off the head of the snake and the body will die.



Britain’s “Golden Triangle” Mockery


The way l look at it, you come home, mind your own business, watch your own yard.

And then, if trouble finds you, you go after it and you bite its head off...

...before it does the same thing to you.” - (X) Marked for Death 1990


Above the Law


Our Behavioural Engineers - Engineers of Consent refer to the above “Brinks Mat gold robbery documentary (1985)


Here TPTB are engaging and psychologically preparing/grooming you, for their coming planned war on people through “the war on drugs” as a method of exercising their police state, as it was already being used upon the test bed of America.

The cultural invasion to the behavioural manipulation through the 90’s was all coldly calculated and not just by a few local villains playing at being Scarface, American Gangster or as a method of rinsing money from other crimes so it becomes untraceable…


Reward people with incentives like the “Carbon CreditCon.

Punish those who don’t do what they’re told, treat them as criminals or terrorists for not operating within their “designated zone” and send the Nazi stormtroopers around to help put them back on track.

It’s a permanent ankle bracelet you can’t ever take off if you want to function within society and what crime has been committed?


For those who don’t understand this within the context here, the reason this is happening is so TPTB can justify exercising an unprecedented level of imposition upon society that they couldn’t otherwise justify or be able to get away with. “Big Brother”. The removal of rights and freedoms of people “by taking liberties”.

Through all of this, they’re attempting to cultivate a type of fractured, chaotic and dysfunctional society that imitates the thug life of A Clockwork Orange, so “corrective measures” can be equally justified out of the surrendering of our minds and bodies to the state. The crowned and conquering child wants your power and authority…

Until procreation is a crime unless you have a license, with the bulk of society coming from a lab, a test tube and you’re the property of the state. 

Like many of these puppet actors and artists are already Transhumanist clones. But its okay if you don’t get or believe this yet…

You have no family other than your fellow brothers and sisters, everyone else stuck under the same marginalised system of control doing all it can to destroy and restructure social systems over a longer period of time than many people will imagine.

This is quite literally designed to destroy families beyond all recognition, so its a thing of the past only vaguely recollected when watching reruns of Eastenders.


This agenda seems to manifest throughout various types of popular culture used as a tool, a weapon. From Rave to Rap.

You use these mediums to promote the image of drug use and a whole host of certain behaviours and trends, engaging society to adapt/adopt those patterns/behaviours and then you seek to impose upon them with the use of deadly force if they go along with this…

Through Advertising and Marketing this is the Engineering Consent.

This is absolutely no different from “the war on terrorism”.

Arming and training “terrorists” so that when they use those skills and weapons you have given them, you go to war with them and justify destroying whole nations on a rampage of regime change after regime. Until you achieve that New World Order whilst dismissing all notions of a NWO as being that of a delusional conspiracy theory.

It is a War upon people and this is the DRUG of the Predator.

Some may feel this is more than a little weird?

Yet, many don’t seem to question this…

But that’s the whole idea. This psychological skullduggery allows those doing this an unprecedented power over the individual.

This going from the pharmaceutical to technological invasion to sedate the mind like Alice in Wonderland or Sleeping Beauty…



United Nations Security Council mural - the dead and war torn step into a virtual reality paradise

Like a snake 🐍 sheds its skin



It comes in all forms and guises…





Our Behavioural Engineers…


Beats Trailer #1 (2020) | FandangoNOW Extras


Control, The Movie - Official Trailer


Almost never connected or brushed over is the Freemasonry Connection with Brink’s-Mat.

No matter what it is certainly downplayed as if of little significance within the many different documentaries made.

Or the notions of Freemasonry are made as if bigoted or stereotypical of those who are not Freemasons harbouring unfounded prejudices, paranoia as if unfair or unjust of Freemasonry. Who do a lot of good charity work don’t you know.

To rinse their ill gotten gains and promote agenda. Truth be told.

I’m sure if they could get away openly with labelling this antisemitic they would do so. 

But this is reserved for protecting the scam of Zionism and their theft of Palestine to accumulate war after war leading to WWIII.


Obviously Noye is being constantly watched, harassed and eventually snapped resulting in the “road rage incident” from effectively being gang stalked everywhere he went, between various police agencies, SAS characters and likely due to pressures by at least some within Freemasonry to keep tabs on Noye etc protecting their own interests through their systems of manipulation.

It isn’t pure “paranoia” or as random as it is portrayed and this ain’t that I support Noye at all but to state that this is all too common of institutional corruption and masons protecting their own vested interests so this network of corruption can continue to exist and those far worse than Noye can continue to manipulate and control whilst these are never even heard of or very rarely held to account.

Whilst evidence that incriminates the worst of offenders will never be heard, as evidence will be thrown out as inadmissible as evidence. That’s even if it gets that far.


They believe they’re “Above the Law”.


The laws don’t exist for them or so they think from their ritual practices.

Being above the laws and constraints of the common man, whom they strangle the technological noose around all to reduce our carbon footprint. So we don’t go anywhere but instead build our own concentration camps.

Instead, they’ve chained themselves to fallen demonic predators, parasites of consciousness seeking to distort one’s own perception, creating an outlook of a delusional hierarchical social structure as if of their own making “how classy” which permeates throughout all of society, ensuring the most vulnerable are suppressed and that the runts of litters get eaten. 

It shouldn’t be surprising that this creates a dog eat dog world, with the mindset of a predator trying indefinitely to become “king of the castle” and you’re the dirty rascal, whilst in reality only relentlessly circling round and round chasing ones own arse until you maybe lucky enough to realise you’re within a state of insanity, that you’re being tricked into perpetuating your own enslavement by our behavioural engineers.

So much so, we believe these thoughts and desires to be our own thoughts and desires.

It’s a mind invasion…


End Game Technology - The Soft Sell of Mind Control Transhuman Technology - “Neuralink company implants brain chip in first human”


Britain's Most Wanted

Kenneth Noye - Documentary


Net Zero - Technocracy the Ultimate Tool of Behavioural Engineering 

No options. But wouldn’t it be convenient?

Carbon Credits - The Social Credit System 

I don’t agree with any “positivity” or “right direction” to any of this at all. But place this here for reference.

It’s all a scam, it’s about control it has nothing to do with “protecting the environment” but about controlling the environment through geo-engineering and such behavioural engineering. Aka total control of the people.


Exposing the Carbon Credit and Offset SCAM


The Golden Rule

He who has the gold makes the rules




The Gold | Trailer - BBC


🐰 Rabbit Hole 🌚 


Was murder of Brinks Mat gang boss John Palmer connected to Hatton Garden heist?

CRIMINAL kingpin John Palmer was gunned down just weeks after the first arrests in the Hatton Garden robbery probe.





XXX - 666 - It has all the “hallmarks” of the beast.

Although it could just be death and resurrection 🤔


The Hatton Garden Job (2017)


EXCLUSIVE: Hatton Garden: Secrets of Tory abuse cover-up that even made heist boss sick

Brian Reader and his gang found sickening images featuring a prominent Tory cabinet minister during a massive raid in 1971, according to an insider


Bankers stopped police from uncovering an alleged Tory child abuse scandal unwittingly stumbled on by burglars, a new book claims.

Master thief Brian Reader and his gang found sickening images featuring a prominent Tory cabinet minister during a massive raid in 1971, according to an insider.



The Baker Street Robbery 1971 - Anyone who’s done any research can see that this incident was about pedophilia and the recovery of blackmail materials held upon members of the establishment. That’s why this evidence remains sealed. Covered up.

This would link back to the likes of Jimmy Savile and such associates and those entrapped by such an enterprise.


The Bank Job Trailer 



“Mickey Mouse was in his counting house”



Run Rabbit Run


Baker Street Robbery 1971 - Michael X See here…

🐰 Royal Babylon The Criminal Record of the British Monarchy



The Death of King Charles III “Martyrdom” and Monopolise - Globalise 🌈 


“Cut off the head of the snake and the body will die.”




Things of Interest…


The Essex Boys Connection to Brinks Mat. Tucker Stolen Cash Van Money Rettendon Range Rover Murders


The Essex Boys | Kenny Noye & Pat Tate


Rise of the Footsoldier: Extreme Edition | 2023 | @SignatureUK Trailer


Essex Boys


Layer Cake


Reminiscent of Kenneth Noye House… Also the double-crossing of the establishment powers that be…

The Score - Trailer (Upscaled HD) (2001)


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I don’t know about you, but I’m always deeply suspicious when the establishment start using what looks like conspiracy theorists type charts and diagrams to promote their perspectives, whilst saying no conspiracy theory’s exists and we’re all a paranoid bunch…


Connect the dots…


Are you smart enough to figure it out?
“American Made” - The same thing takes place all over the world.
This is just one of the times they were caught at what’s going on everywhere, all the time…


Crack the Egg
Global “Babylon” Birthing Pool of their New World Order - Zion/New Jerusalem



American Made (2017) - The Gringo Who Delivers Scene (2/10) | Movieclips

Boris Covid-19 - "New Jerusalem, Zion" - As Presented at 2012 Zion Olympics, Covid-19 Pantomime Act - New World Order - Noahide Laws

Who do you know that are obsessed with triangles and the moon? 🤔 
Golden Crescent - Golden Triangle Drug Trade

It kinda looks like someones taking the piss to me…

A political ploy to “blame the enemy” so war can be waged upon many different fronts.
It doesn’t matter if any of its “true”, it may very well be. The point is this is being facilitated and allowed by the very same people trying to promote their various war fronts to “combat it
It enables action that otherwise couldn’t be justified and many more people would see that this is a war upon people via fascist alphabet agencies eventually enabling a police/military state perpetuating a power grabbing spiral of control over the human condition.


The BS behind the establishment narrative for context/insight…
Tom Clancy interview (2003)

World Police



Clear And Present Danger - Official® Trailer [HD] 

For those under any doubt or illusion…

What happens is, the establishment powers that be who benefit from wars and desire the creation of wars, so they launder weapons to whomever they’re arming and training, then they get whatever it is they want in exchange for them.
Like say Gold, Diamonds, Drugs, Oil…
This is so the greedy members involved within these practices of groups/societies of influence whom may not otherwise go along with such an enterprise, do so. It’s about encouraging those people by giving them an incentive or opportunity but who may not actually see the bigger picture.
It’s not necessarily for the “trade” but where this takes place, such opportunities maybe made by those facilitating a bigger agenda.
Instead, it is all in aid of control and those doing this become a law unto themselves, thinking of themselves as “untouchables” as by exposing them, they become potentially damaging to the establishment. “National Security”, think Jimmy Savile…
This is almost always done through alphabet intelligence agencies, secret society’s “or that society with secrets” not just connected to villains and mafia type connections of the underworld.
They’re the fucking underworld.
Forces of darkness, a death cult after perpetual war ensuring they come out on top, in control and furthering their interests.
The rest are numb skulls flexing their egos wanting to be seen out in the open because they’re a bunch of violent narcissistic bastards, basically useful idiots and scapegoats when the public need someone to blame to save the establishment from losing face and saving those more serious villains, covering up the greater systems of corruption that are actually at work so those systems will continue to exist. In truth this system of control and corruption is the backbone of the systems of authorities, careful woven. They have no problem serving these people, these sacrificial lambs up and the public usually have no problem accepting them. 
The greater picture concealed…

The Bounty (1984) - King Tynah's Laughter



Zionism & Bolshevism



They tore the world apart. Now they're all Zionists and reclaiming the world as their own, with their deluded, twisted views upon Judaism. Zionism is the enemy of humanity.
But it doesn’t matter how they play this, they’re all pissing in and drinking out of the same pot however they manufacture their fall and rise. The old Babylon to their new Babylon global system…

An Intricate Look At Afghan Rebels Fighting Soviets in 1984 | Our History



It’s about controlling the weather.
We’ve got to blame someone…

Starmer to announce scaling back of £28bn green investment plan
Labour leader to say move is down to economic uncertainty caused by Tory government, sources reveal




Keir Starmer will announce on Thursday that he is scaling back Labour’s £28bn green investment programme, in his biggest policy U-turn since becoming party leader.
Senior Labour sources have told the Guardian that Starmer will finally confirm the party is no longer planning to spend £28bn a year on environmental schemes, given the economic uncertainty caused by the Conservative government.


It’s about controlling you.
We’ve got to blame someone…

Mr Bean actor Rowan Atkinson blamed for slow electric car sales




Rowan Atkinson has been blamed for "damaging" the reputation of electric vehicles (EVs) and contributing to slow sales.
The Mr Bean actor was name-checked in the House of Lords on Tuesday during its environment and climate change committee meeting.
Thinktank Green Alliance gave its views on the main obstacles the government faces in its bid to phase out petrol and diesel cars before 2035, and said a comment piece by the Johnny English star published in June 2023 was damaging to the cause.
The pressure group told peers in a letter that was shared: "One of the most damaging articles was a comment piece written by Rowan Atkinson in The Guardian which has been roundly debunked.
"Unfortunately, fact checks never reach the same breadth of audience as the original false claim, emphasising the need to ensure high editorial standards around the net zero transition."

The 69-year-old actor's piece was headlined: "I love electric vehicles - and was an early adopter. But increasingly I feel duped."

Atkinson wrote that EVs were "a bit soulless" and criticised the use of their lithium-ion batteries.
He suggested solutions like drivers keeping the same car for longer periods of time and increased use of synthetic fuel would negate the need for EVs, saying: "Increasingly, I'm feeling that our honeymoon with electric cars is coming to an end, and that's no bad thing."


Drugs to Tech
The Prodigy - Warriors Dance


Soulless You…


End Game Technology - The Soft Sell of Mind Control Transhuman Technology - “Neuralink company implants brain chip in first human”


“Moonage Daydream”


When it comes to turning your brain into a fried egg, just say no!


“Cos-mic. Cos-bloody-mic.”

This Is Your Brain...This Is Your Brain On Drugs - 80s Partnership For A Drug Free America

This is Your Brain on the Drug War





Dean Martin & Helen O'Connell - How D'Ya Like Your Eggs In T



“Humans in the next 100 years could be part-machine, part-flesh creatures with brain chips and bionic limbs and organs in a vision of the “cyborgs” once described by Elon Musk.”


“Moonage Daydream”


1970’s Book Pics “Predicting the Future…” - Preparing, Planning Telling us our Future…
COVID Revival Tour - Barbenheimer “Cultural Phenomenon” - Otherwise known as behavioural engineering? - Babalon Working 


The Death of King Charles III “Martyrdom” and Monopolise - Globalise 🌈 


Prince Harry Living Legend of Aviation Award… WTF?


Margaret Thatcher | London Docklands | Protesters | Redevelopment | TN-84-200-029



Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Official Lyric Video)


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Band of Gold



"In our day the power which has replaced that of the rulers who were liberal is the power of Gold. Time was when Faith ruled. The idea of freedom is impossible of realization because no one knows how to use it with moderation. It is enough to hand over a people to self-government for a certain length of time for that people to be turned into a disorganized mob. From that moment on we get internecine strife which soon develops into battles between classes, in the midst of which States burn down and their importance is reduced to that of a heap of ashes." - The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion


Withdraw of Consent - The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion


Frankie Valli - Fallen Angel - Should Have Been A Hit

To Silicon Valley...

Transhumanism - A.I. - Freedom, Free Will? - Free Your Mind – Danny Boyle’s Matrix Reboot “Shock to the System” - Manchester


The Wizard of Oz.........What it really means!


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More Quotes from “THE PROTOCOLS”



Something tells me this part was written by someone else 👀
Do what we tell you...
Sounds like we are theirs, their property rather than they're our government…
The government is not God but it wants to be and those who don't get this is likely because this piece of text that basically says suck Satan's cock or else…


MYRON C. FAGAN: The Plot To Destroy Christianity From Within



Freda Payne - “Free the Pain


The Italian Job (2003) Trailer #1 | Movieclips Classic Trailers



Alienation of Man - Annihilation of Man


The Happening Opening Scene







"Our countersign is—Force and Make-believe. Only force conquers in political affairs, especially if it be concealed in the talents essential to statesmen. Violence must be the principle, and cunning and make-believe the rule for governments which do not want to lay down their crowns at the feet of agents of some new power. This evil is the one and only means to attain the end, the good. Therefore we must not stop at bribery, deceit and treachery when they should serve towards the attainment of our end. In politics one must know how to seize the property of others without hesitation if by it we secure submission and sovereignty."

How to deal with fines, PCN’s, Bailiffs / Enforcement Agents | PART I


Myron Fagan recorded 1967.



"Our State, marching along the path of peaceful conquest, has the right to replace the horrors of war by less noticeable and more satisfactory sentences of death, necessary to maintain the terror which tends to produce blind submission. Just but merciless severity is the greatest factor of strength in the State: not only for the sake of gain but also in the name of duty, for the sake of victory, we must keep to the programme of violence and make-believe. The doctrine of squaring accounts is precisely as strong as the means of which it makes use. Therefore it is not so much by the means themselves as by the doctrine of severity that we shall triumph and bring all governments into subjection to our super-government. It is enough for them to know that we are merciless for all disobedience to cease."






Psychological Warfare

Matthew Perry - Friends - Ritual Sacrifice to “Lady Liberty” - Moon Goddess Queen Semiramis, the Whore of Babylon - Energy Harvesting?



Queen of Heaven 


Brad Pitt Suicided - I have a Rendezvous with Death ☠️? - Revolutionary or Reactionary Suicide?



"Far back in ancient times we were the first to cry among the masses of the people the words "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity," words many times repeated since those days by stupid poll-parrots who from all sides round flew down upon these baits and with them carried away the well-being of the world, true freedom of the individual, formerly so well guarded against the pressure of the mob. The would-be wise men of the goyim, the intellectuals, could not make anything out of the uttered words in their abstractness; did not note the contradiction of their meaning and interrelation: did not see that in nature there is no equality, cannot be freedom; that Nature herself has established inequality of minds, of characters, and capacities, just as immutably as she has established subordination to her laws: never stopped to think that the mob is a blind thing, that upstarts elected from among it to bear rule are, in regard to the political, the same blind men as the mob itself, that the adept, though he be a fool, can yet rule, whereas the non-adept, even if he were a genius, understands nothing in the political—to all these things the goyim paid no regard; yet all the time it was based upon these things that dynastic rule rested: the father passed on to the son a knowledge of the course of political affairs in such wise that none should know it but members of the dynasty and none could betray it to the governed. As time went on the meaning of the dynastic transference of the true position of affairs in the political was lost, and this aided the success of our cause."





"In all corners of the earth the words "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" brought to our ranks, thanks to our blind agents, whole legions who bore our banners with enthusiasm. And all the time these words were canker-worms at work boring into the wellbeing of the goyim, putting an end everywhere to peace, quiet, solidarity and destroying all the foundations of the goya States. As you will see later, this helped us to our triumph; it gave us the possibility, among other things, of getting into our hands the master card—the destruction of the privileges, or in other words of the very existence of the aristocracy of the goyim, that class which was the only defense peoples and countries had against us. On the ruins of the natural and genealogical aristocracy of the goyim we have set up the aristocracy of our educated class headed by the aristocracy of money. The qualifications for this aristocracy we have established in wealth, which is dependent upon us, and in knowledge, for which our learned elders provide the motive force."


Barrett Strong - Money (That's What I Want) (with lyrics)




Pride comes before a fall…



The fall of man is transhumanism, the transgender agenda is the path towards this.





GODLEY: "The Jews are the men that will
not be blamed for nothing."

It's hardly Shakespeare, but it'll do.

-Wash that off.


All I am doing is taking charge

of an investigation...

...that you have bungled to the point

of gross inefficiency, and I've had enough.

You are suspended from duty, Abberline.
Inspector Abberline is suspended.
All of his privileges are cancelled. - From Hell 2001


The Freemasons are the men that will not be blamed for nothing.

JFK & Myron Fagan - 'Secret Societies' Speeches


Sam Sparro - Black and Gold







Prince Harry Living Legend of Aviation Award… WTF?

Matthew Perry - Friends - Ritual Sacrifice to “Lady Liberty” - Moon Goddess Queen Semiramis, the Whore of Babylon - Energy Harvesting?

Enter the Void - The Bardo Life and Death - Tibetan Book of the Dead - The Fantasia Reality - The Battle of Evermore - Intermediary Beings - Psychedelics - Who am I?


For the Love of Money




It’s about control… Currency is a means. Greed will imprison us all - Transhumanism the living dead.


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Watch The Full AI / Elon Musk Debate With Alex Jones and David Icke




The planned norm of the coming surveillance for everyone all the time within their technocracy…


Technocracy Surveillance Police State - Another Conspiracy Theory Becoming a Reality? Or we going to say no?









Elon Musk Recommends Carbon Tax





Brought to you by Bill Gates who literally wants to suck the life out of you and the environment like a blood sucking vampire…




Lifeforce (1985) - Back From The Dead Scene (3/10) | Movieclips



Could dimming the sun save the Earth?  Bill Gates wants to spray millions of tonnes of dust into the stratosphere to stop global warming...


The Living Dead within their Moonage Daydream - The Coming Race - The Moonchild - Aka Transhumanism





The Death of King Charles III “Martyrdom” and Monopolise - Globalise 🌈 



To just confirm the phoney paradigm…



It’s a con a trap picking sides.

Climate Change is nothing WWIII won’t sort out!



David Bowie the link between Transhumanism and Transgender ⚧ Agenda - Mind Control - What are “The Cobalt Wars”? - Black Noise/Sound Bomb 💣 Club of Rome “Sustainable Development” Scam


A.I. Is the hijacking and devolution of man. Not “evolution” but a disconnection from higher states of consciousness and ultimately is a war upon the Heart

End Game Technology - The Soft Sell of Mind Control Transhuman Technology - “Neuralink company implants brain chip in first human”




What’s with the X that now represents Twitter?


“It sounds so fake because it’s real” - No, it sounds so fake, looks so fake because its a complete and utter scam and fraud which you’re supporting/projecting even with any amount of cognitive dissonance it takes to support the death cult agenda.



India not Landing on the Moon 🌚 So, why?




Metal Gear Archons - A.I. Technocracy - Bill Gates Brave New Virtual World The Internet - Cloud ☁️“Jesus” is the Ghost in the Machine 


Micheal Jackson - Robot Transformation HD




5G COVID Surveillance, Transhumanism and The Hunger Games Society - Symbolism, the Heart Chakra to “the Temple”


MJ the product of super soldier technology cloning/transhumanism…


2023Michael Jackson - HIStory On Film (Volume II) | FULL 4K MOVIE 


Enter the Void - The Bardo Life and Death - Tibetan Book of the Dead - The Fantasia Reality - The Battle of Evermore - Intermediary Beings - Psychedelics - Who am I?


THE BEYOND Official Trailer (2018) Sci-Fi Thriller Movie HD


Michael Jackson - Leave Me Alone (Official Video)


The Beyond (1981) ORIGINAL TRAILER [HD 1080p]


Matthew Perry - Friends - Ritual Sacrifice to “Lady Liberty” - Moon Goddess Queen Semiramis, the Whore of Babylon - Energy Harvesting?


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Transhuman - Clone Empty Shell Given Artificial Intelligence, Imitation  

(Enter Police State)

Michael Jackson - Speed Demon (Official Video)


the boys from brazil - rabbit cloning


Michael Jackson - Black or White (Official Video)


Do you get the idea that they’re planning on “retiring” Bruce Willis over Christmas time?



UNKLE/South - Logan's Run


5G COVID Surveillance, Transhumanism and The Hunger Games Society - Symbolism, the Heart Chakra to “the Temple”


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