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End of A-Levels 'holiday joker' finally makes it to court.


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Irrespective of how this pans out, it is very sad that this kid has had to wait so long for his case to be heard. Just imagine, if he had instead joked about faking his LFT result. What is more, I am now terrified to learn that any future plane bombers now know not to use Gatwick Airport's WiFi system. On a more serious note, looking at this case from the view of the authorities, I find it beyond belief that such an alert system could be in place, that it was triggered by the use of key words and that no planes were ultimately grounded. The kid's plane wasn't far from landing at its destination, before any action was taken. I could probably buy the story that it took a bit of time to identify the author, but are we really being told that the 'concerning text' wasn't picked up promptly? If it was picked up promptly and, on identification of the author, deemed serious enough for the Spanish Air Force to scramble F-18 jets, then how could it also have not been deemed serious enough to ground all flights at Gatwick Airport in the first place? Anyone have any thoughts?





'British man Aditya Verma appears in Spanish court over plane-bomb hoax.'


'Back in the UK, he was questioned by the British intelligence agencies MI5 and MI6, before he returned home to Orpington, Kent.' (LOL. Couldn't one of them have managed?)

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