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President Sunak demands prompt backing for the Rwanda Bill from the House Of Lords.


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Well, we all know that President Sunak has no serious interest in curbing illegal immigration. This whole 'Stop the boats!' and deport the ones who do make it over here to Rwanda spiel is a charade. The ONLY reason that the government wants to pass the Rwanda Bill is to allow it to disregard the Human Rights Act, the European Convention On Human Rights and International Law. Motive being, the PTB recognise that there is going to be a lot of domestic opposition to some of the policies they try to force through in the U.K. this year. Namely, reversing Brexit and signing up to the WHO Treaty. Passing the Rwanda Bill allows them to be much more thuggish towards any dissenters. The Rwanda Bill has absolutely nothing to do with sending anyone to Rwanda. The Rwanda Bill could very easily be reworded, so that it's contents are only applicable in the context of deporting illegal immigrants to Rwanda, but it won't be. More tellingly, Konstipated Keir, who knows exactly what it's really about, hasn't said he would look to scrap the law, if and when he gains power.









'Rishi Sunak urges Lords to back Rwanda bill.'


'Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has urged the House of Lords to pass his flagship Rwanda bill, as he warned peers not to "frustrate the will of the people". Giving a press conference after the legislation was approved by MPs, Mr Sunak said it was now up to the Lords to "do the right thing".' (Classic PTB inversion.)

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