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Do beliefs create your reality?

Mr H

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On 2/24/2024 at 10:24 AM, Campion said:

Yup, it's not just religion which has a cult problem, basically the perpetrators try and get access to victims wherever they can. The irony is that all the all the talk of spiritual levels and initiations is baloney, we're all as important as each other, but get brainwashed to think we need to achieve something. 



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On 2/24/2024 at 10:24 AM, Campion said:

I think there are laws for safeguarding vulnerable people in the UK, especially for children. ..


Children and mentally ill / disabled people are automatically vulnerable, they have some legal protection already in the UK.  I'm not pointing a finger at any particular teachers, but in situations where adults have access to children and power over them there should be systems in place, like DBS checks. Religious groups with children in are no different from youth clubs like the boy scouts etc.  Deciding when your child is old enough to go out to the shops by themselves for an ice cream is a big decision for a parent, but with clubs and church groups there is some assurance that there's systems in place so you can safely take them there.  

In some ways that is true, but look at the Scouts abuse scandals. Those people were checked but still abused children.


It's worth remembering that a DBS check only shows convictions (not spent convictions) and so even someone accused multiple times but not convicted would still have a clean DBS. Also it creates a false sense of security that the person can be trusted after the DBS check.


Also sexual offences, even against children, are spent (erased) after no longer than 7 years. So a guy who was a serial child rapist in his 20s could go on to work alone with children overnight in his 30s with a clean DBS check. It's insanity.


Unfortunately in theory it seems like a good way of protecting children, in practice it sucks. There is virtually no oversight and the loopholes are terrible.


Look at Pastors in the USA, they can abuse children and then just move to another town and set up shop (church) there. Also religion and the New Age have the biggest loophole of all for sex offenders - forced forgiveness on the victim. 🙄


In the UK the DBS is mostly voluntary and no one really checks what goes on. Not surprisingly when you have a completely corrupted social care system and police lousy with sex abuse scandals, such as policemen abusing teens with learning disabilities. Those are the people supposed to monitor who is safe to be with children? 🙄


How can we say that DBS check has any meaningful purpose when care homes and foster homes are full of children who have been, or are being, abused.


Also churches have a lot more freedom to do as they please and they are very closeted places with outsiders treated with suspicion, so as long as someone is saying all the right things they can manipulate their way into a trusted position very easily. And again due to their "forgive all", "redemption for all" bs they actively allow offenders (including sex offenders) to join them.


I think we have a responsibility as parents to teach our children to alert us if anything seems off to them. Also to stop teaching them to "obey adults", and to teach them the signs of narcissistism and manipulation so they know not to get pulled into anything. Unfortunately religion and the new age religions are designed to make children pawns.


I also think adults generally have a responsibility to look out for behaviour that might be inappropriate if they are in one of those groups and speak out if they do see anything wrong.

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On 2/20/2024 at 4:02 AM, RobinJ said:

Haha! That's a mind bender! I don't think any one person will be 100% correct. We all see things from our own perspective, its meant to be that way.

The way I look at it is like a giant jigsaw puzzle. We all have a piece, and by coming together and sharing our pieces, we complete the whole, and we can then move on.


Everyone is correct!



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