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President Macron selects new prime minister.


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Are they definitely supposed to be unrelated? 😀





'Gabriel Attal: Macron's pick for PM is France's youngest at 34.'


'Handsome, youthful, charming, popular, cogent, Mr Attal certainly comes to office trailing clouds of glory - much, let it be said, like his mentor and role-model the president himself.' (Strange. I had never heard of Macron being connected to 'trailing clouds of glory' before.) 😕



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No one knows what Attal is 'supposed' to stand for, but he is a banking whizz kid, who is going to help fend off the far right. Very good. Maybe the PTB managed to knock Macron out of their Khyber one day and the 'trailing clouds of glory' relates to Attal rising from the after effects.





'Will Macron's whizz-kid help fend off the far right?'

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Macron time will be up soon and will move on to be the next EU President, Attal will be the next French President, convenient  isn't it.  Unless Le Penn convinces the PTB that she will be their right wing puppet and make people believe change is happening.

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