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Have you ever thought you're an alien?

Mr H

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Many years ago when I was in "try anything mode" I explored the ET realms. Met this guy who meant to be No1 expert in UK on these matters....


He was adamant that I am an Arcturian..


So I was like ok....nice to know but didn't help me with anything...


Then recently when I was in Peru I met this lady who claimed to be an Arcturian and was absolutely adamant that I was and I didn't say anything about my previous experience....


I'm pretty sure I'm from the East End of London and not From Arcturus, but in the back of yer mind occasionally it does make you wonder sometimes....


Anyone else think or believe that you could be an alien?

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1 hour ago, Mr H said:

Anyone else think or believe that you could be an alien?


Once I thought about doing one of those dna ancestry tests to see how much of me is Anglo-Saxon, Celtic etc, I don't know if they show up alien dna yet! I didn't go ahead with it because I don't trust them with my dna profile. 

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