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Schism in the Roman Catholic Church? The first cracks appear

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Pope Francis isn't endearing himself to the clergy. It has been pointed out on this site that the Argentinian Pope has marched in lock-step with the NWO (well he is a Jesuit so that's to be expected) but he's really going full-on with the LBGTQ agenda.


An Italian priest, Father Ramon Guidetti, has been excommunicated in short order after preaching that Bergoglio is a freemason and a Jesuit follower of the global powers. Angry at Bergoglio's intention to bless gay unions, this poor parish priest took a stand and was cut off at the knees. Seems to me that Bergoglio is pushing the envelope as far as he can and sooner or later, a split will happen. Will there be a schism? Is it possible that a second Reformation is coming? I mean, the RC church has fought tooth and nail against Protestantism since Luther stuck his head above the parapet and, in fairness, has largely succeeded in turning the Protestant churches back towards Rome. But traditional Catholics are up in arms against this Pope and my own opinion, for what it is worth, is that there will be a split between traditionalists and the "progressives." This Pope has done a great deal of damage. It is time he went.



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