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The Nothing Days.


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Every year, I go to bed on Boxing Day, then, when I wake up on New Year's Eve morning, it's like the previous 4 days went by in a blink of an eye. All down to a Christmas hangover, no doubt, but it still feels quite weird. Anyone else get that?

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I know what you mean. It has nothing to do with the booze or any other substances either. I've no idea if you had people around you during that week or if you work and had that week off but from my point of view it seems that there's gonna be a big party for everyone else and some of us will be excluded. Emphasised by the build up of ads about get togethers with important family and friends. I know, selling the impossible dream.

Maybe some of us unconsciously chooses to amnesia ourselves during the merry time even without the help of booze.

On a positive though, that kemps thing was a good laugh (grrr bbc etc)

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