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Blitzed by bullshit. All in one evening.


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Back in late October, I had a very surreal evening. Well, I say evening, but it was more like ten minutes. I don't watch 'Eastenders', but someone had left the TV on. I went in to the lounge and some freak character was banging on about 'legal co-parenting'. I thought 'Please fukk off'. I switched to another channel and it was on the adverts. I was greeted by some of the 'Loose Women' shamelessly plugging smart meters. What the hell.


I turned the TV off and picked up one of those free magazines that gets chucked through your letterbox every now and then. On occasion, I read something interesting. I leafed through the pages and was horrified by some of the updates from the local primary schools (page 48). Apparently, one primary school has joined a 'federation' with another nearby primary school. What? Why? The only reason I can think of is to try and normalise the notion of countries joining an NWO. Meanwhile, another primary school was bigging up a visit they had from Google. As they put it' 'Yes, Google came to us!'. Woohoo! What did altruistic Google teach the kids then? How to dodge taxes? Anyhow, this sort of shit must be going on at primary schools right across the nation. Very sad and very concerning. This is the rubbish that someone can be assailed with nowadays, when just minding their own business at home.          



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