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Mr H

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9 hours ago, Mr H said:

What do you folks mean when you say new ager?


The new age is an alternative way of exploring spirituality, with arguably less dogma and doctrine than organized religion. The term 'new age' is characterized by an interest in the metaphysical nature of reality, centered around the idea that people have spirits/souls. It has many positive aspects and some more problematic ones, such as perfectionism, asceticism, spiritual bypassing etc. 

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On 12/17/2023 at 8:44 AM, Talorgan said:

The adverts are the worst!


I will be at War with adverts until the day I die, mostly by ignoring the shit and knowing I just don't need anyone talking to me in the way these adverts artifices are well practiced in doing but despite some adverts having some sophistication, this changes little or nothing as they are either created by psychopathic marketeers ya know or dullards & insincere freaks who they hire to read the prattling script of any given advert.... 


My best line of defence is zoning OUT of that territory by which the media manifests and by which the advertising structure is based around, which is TV and radio/ internet, which it sponsors to put out there along with its' SERIOUS BRAIN WAVE rapid fluctuation violation through it's gubbins and rotten content of such irritating BILE...(always and always intent on copious manipulation of our ideas and of our senses) of all they put out, that is enough to give even a Saint a seizure!!... To say nothing of the embedded subliminal longer terms effects of what you cannot always tell what the thing is for your average subject upon hearing the drivel touted.

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