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NEW Julia Roberts movie - shows everything and I mean everything that is about to happen

Gabriel Huber

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Amanda and Clay's aspirational vacation with their teenage children is interrupted by the arrival of a middle aged couple who own the holiday home and who have fled an unprecedented blackout in the city. When the internet, television and radio stop working, as does the landline, they have no way of finding out what is happening. As strange sonic booms shatter the peace of the countryside, and animals start to migrate in strange ways, the physical and mental health of the families begins to disintegrate. The renters are upscale and White; the owners are upscale and Black. The issues of race clash and become distractions to the more alarming things are happening all around them.

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11 minutes ago, rebornsteve said:

Quite a good film, kills 2 hours. Nothing else.


worth a watch 


i like a good bit of apocalyptica as much as the next conspiracy theorist....this one was quite sinister though not only because the obamas were on board but because the premise is very believable


strange that guy drowning in the obamas lake recently.....then there was that maid who was run over in the driveway of one of the bush family and there was that lady drowned in the car driven by one of the kennedys.......and we all know how many people have died around the clintons.....then there were those secret service cars of the bidens that were burned out as if evidence was being destroyed....


quite a dangerous business being around presidents and ex-presidents.....what a strange world we live in

Fact Check: Claims Of Secret Service Conspiracy as Biden's Cars Catch Fire

Dec 01, 2022 at 11:11 AM EST

Five vehicles rented by the Secret Service were damaged by fire in Nantucket, Massachusetts on Monday, November 28, less than 24 hours after the agency returned them to rental company Hertz.

The fire occurred at Nantucket Memorial Airport on Monday morning and there were no injuries, though the blaze took place just 40 feet away from the airport's jet fuel tanks.

The cars had been used to transport members of the Secret Service while President Joe Biden and his family spent Thanksgiving on the island, which is a tradition for them.


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I watched this movies last night, it's target demograpihic is conspiracy theorists. The viewer will be peppered with messages via dialect or subliminal ....the main guy even says something along the lines of "the conspiracy people think theres a shadow gov running the world but really no ones in control.

(I remember the last James bond film also had a message for the people, Bond's boss said something like "the people want to be controlled")


It's deffo pre programming for some cyber attack coming. Theere is  a part where he attemps to make a call on a satelite phone. Immeadiatly I remembered watching the launch of the new iphone a few months ago, the lateet gimmick is satelite phone functionality. So basicly the apple snobs will think theyl have conectivity during the outage.


It's typical netflix box ticking and race baiting. The black man is of muscular build, dressed in suits, drives a bentley and group leader, whereas the white man is a scruffy beta male who's wife is more successful. The prepper is also skinny and scruffy but has a shot gun and the teenage son is depicted as a total perv.

I give this movie 0/10 but I did watch it all the way through just because it's generated a bit of a buzz and people I know have been talking about it.






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3 hours ago, Just Another Simulation said:

I didn't care for the movie at all. Couple of hours that I can never get back. I didn't view it as any kind of telling of the future. Just a bad movie.

Agree, a waste of time movie - Terrible audio quality, dialogue difficult to hear. Storyline so haphazard and just a collection of different non-linking scenes in my humble opinion. 

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13 minutes ago, Freaky Dragonfly said:

Is The Deep State Planning a Massive False Flag Cyber Attack to Disrupt the 2024 U.S. Election?




Davos, Switzerland, 18 January 2023…


“a far-reaching, catastrophic cyber event is likely in the next two years”






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1 hour ago, Freaky Dragonfly said:

The main message I got is that it is anti-white.


i don't know that I would call it an anti-white movie in that the white family and the black family find common ground and work together


the comment that has got people upset was made by the daughter of the home owner and they were both black. She tells her father that he mustn't trust people they don't know in a crisis and particularly not white people. The father is more open minded though and works with the white couple


So its more the cynicism of the daughters character that shines through there but what makes it dodgy is that the obamas would put their name to something in which that kind of cynicism is stated. You would hope that people in their position in life would try to take more of a bridge building approach


I guess if you turned this round the other way and had donald trump being the executive producer of a movie and in the movie a white character said ''you can't trust migrants'' or something like that then you can be sure that the democrat half of america would have had a nervous meltdown and probably gone out and burned down some mom and pop businesses so that they could then be snapped up for pennies on the dollar by the likes of goldman sachs......corporate socialism in action


libyan lives matter:

Clinton on Qaddafi: We came, we saw, he died



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