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Terrifying Dogman Stories, Debbie Hatswell

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Courtesy of Debbie Hatswell at Being Believed Research.


I really hope she doesn’t mind. 


Hi Deb, I was in your live chat tonight and I was trying to get some information to you that I’ve got out about an animal my dad shot on our farm back in 1997 after it had killed 150 of our sheep plus may more kills happened all over the area. At that time even more were going missing and only the bones, skin and fleece were ever found. It was almost like a feeding station or an animal boneyard.
As I said my dad got his other farmer mates and some of the gamekeepers out with the spot lamps and they eventually hunted something down in the fields that he said looked like it was a hyena and wolf cross but it’s front feet were shaped like a rats but longer. They were longer than my dad’s hand. The men were all standing around it and they were trying to work out what it was and were confused because of how it looked. But they all felt it was for sure what was killing the sheep as it’s canine teeth matched the ones we found on the sheep that escaped it. It was as if they were all torn and bitten to pieces and there were hundreds of them as we had 1200 on ewes on the farm at that time.

I can share my story now and I feel that I need to as it’s happening again. Recently we found what looks like a feeding nest that was full of sheep and deer bones in an old house in the woods that surround our farm. Back then when it was on the news in 1997 they called it the Beast from the East back then and blamed a panther for it all and buried the news. It all dates back to November 1995 when a lorry driver reported a cougar or mountain lion on the road from Cupar to Kilmany. After that the reports flooded in and some people had photos of it. http://scotcats.online.fr/abc/sightings/1997/beastofnefife10.html

The animal my dad shot was not a cat and the vets and the cops took away the body after they got it back to the farm. The Hyena/baboon/wolf thing stank so bad it was like the smell of a male foxes piss but way, way stronger. This thing was male and we guessed around 300 kg before we weighed it.

We were based on a mixed arable farm with over 2000 hectares of land. On the land we had over 2000 sheep and 350 beef cattle along with multiple other animals like chickens, pigs, pheasant, ducks and partridge. As well as those animals we also had local game keepers that stocked the lands as it’s all surrounded by thick pine forests. We are in east Scotland Morayshire. I can’t give the exact area as we don’t want a bunch of people up here with cameras as this all is kept to a group of around 15 of us farmers and gamekeepers and we want to keep it that way.

Anyways back in 1996 around December time we started noticing that we were having a few sheep go missing, around 60 at first but then we had all our chickens killed one night. We had around 150 birds and they were all dead, so my dad and his gamekeeper mates had a meeting one afternoon and they agreed it could be the fox. Possibly that’s what was killing the chickens as the gamekeepers also had pheasants in big pens/enclosures that had also been killed that previous night. So in a group they went out with the spot lamps and around 20 of us looked in various places around our area. We were hunting for foxes and we found them, between my dad and the other guys over the next few months they had shot around 170 odd foxes. They were happy that the problem of the fox was solved or so they thought. 

Things improved for a while and by October 1997 we were out taking in the female sheep for sorting as we usually do every year at that time to put them out to the male rams for tupping. When we got to the field where they were all meant to be there were only around 49 ewes left out of the original flock of 300. And the ones that were left were all bloody and ten of them had serious wounds and had to be put down. We reported this straight away and got the vets and the police involved as my dad thought by what he had seen the wounds on the sheep was canine in nature. He thought this as the sheep were basically torn apart so we all thought it was no more than a pack of loose dogs that some one had let off the lead as this seemed to happen a lot back then and now but no one ever questions if it really was a dog? 

The police were alerted and they turned up and the vets were already on scene doing measurements of the sheep’s wounds. The canine puncture marks were 6 inches wide and penetrated 4-5 inches into the flesh of the sheep, so they concluded it was a dog attack. But that didn’t explain the other missing 251 ewes. There was no sign of them anywhere and all that was found in the fields was blood, guts, skin and fleece and a lot of it. It was that bad dad had to plough the field to hide it from the main road as we have a big busy road in front of the field they were in. So away went the cops and it was eventually on the news about sheep being found ripped to bits on the neighbours farm as well as ours. Plus around 4 other farms had experienced the same thing happening to their sheep as well over the last year or so. The authorities suggested on the news that it could be a “panther or a puma or a pack of dogs that was causing all this but it’s unclear. And thats when my dad got the group together to look for it, it was made up of farmers and gamekeepers and they went out with their vehicles and spotlights to see if they could track down these supposed pack of dogs or “the puma or panther that was being blamed for killing all the sheep.

We were all out looking for a few hours and we only saw a few badgers in the distance, as with all nocturnal animals they give off an eye shine when you hit them with high intensity light. We saw nothing out of the ordinary until we went back to the field the sheep had been killed in on the previous days and my dad caught some eye shine around 500/600 yards out with the spotlight. In the middle of the ploughed field we could see something was out there looking back at us so my dad said to my uncle that was driving, to stop the vehicle as I was to young to drive and dad got out his .338 rifle with a x50 magnification scope on it to take a closer look at what was basically staring at us, and it was just stood still. 

When dad got the rifle scope on it he said to my uncle to bring the light off to the side so he could get a better look and what my dad said then chilled me to the bone. He said it’s a ‘fuckin wolf looking thing’. I could hear the fear in my dads voice, he was trembling. All this happened in around 15 seconds and this thing just stood down on all fours looking at us. I heard dad pull the bolt of the gun and let off the safety, he never took his eyes off it then he whispered to my uncle to turn the light directly on it again. When he did my dad kind of jumped as the “ wolf creature “ stood up tall on its back legs and was sniffing the air, then in a split second it was back down on all fours and it looked like it was going to leap into the tree line but my dad let off a shot. I will always remember the deafening noise the rifle made as he pulled the trigger and hit it directly in the ribs from the left side to the right in one clean shot. Anyone that has been hunting with a rifle knows if they have had a successful bullet hit you can hear the dull thud the bullet makes as it hits the body.


We heard the thud of the bullet hit and down it went. We drove slowly over to it and was absolutely in shock at what we all saw in front of us! This animal which my dad thought looked more like a hyena crossed with a baboon than a dog or wolf. It’s front feet were the most scary thing though, they looked like the front feet of a rat but were longer and thicker that a humans. As we were all stood round it no one said so much as a word as we were all just shocked.

Everyone of us was scared to touch it, so dad phoned the gamekeeper that was closest to us at the time and he came with around 6 other guys and they pulled it on to a half ton fertiliser bag as it was so big and heavy and pulled it back to the farm. In all there were around 30 people including the cops that came up to view it. Once they had finished saying whatever it was they were talking about the vets took the body away with them. We only had access to it for around 3 hours but that was enough time to get a look at its body clearly. I would say that the closest thing I could resemble it to was from the movie (American werewolf in London ) It looked like the monster in that it was as close a match as I can get. It looked nothing like a dog apart from its mouth and canine teeth which were 6 inches apart and 5 inches long too and the bottom ones had the same. The other teeth we could see were all weirdly shaped and serrated.

This creature weighed 289 kg as we put it on the industrial weighbridge we had. From nose to tail it was 7 feet in length. It’s tail was short, around half a foot and stubby. It was male and had the smell of male fox pee but much, much stronger. It had a dark brown colour fur around it and it was dirty with fresh soil and dried sheep blood from having been digging in the ploughed field earlier that night.

Then the killing stopped for years and years but I got a call from a farming friend recently and he’s got the same going on again at his place. I went up and we had a look and it’s for sure the same type of sheep killing that happened to us all over again. We found a roe deer and one of his sheep in a field looking the same as the carcasses back in 1996 -97. 

Then we found an old abandoned house on our farm that was filled with hundreds of sheep bones, skulls and other animals all mixed in together. We think it’s where they drag them to feed on. We are currently out every second night now especially around the full moon. Tomorrow night will be best as it’s a full moon in 97 and It was a full moon that night as well. It’s definitely something to do with these creatures, me and my dad have studied the whole Dogman, Werewolf stuff over the years as we had no idea what this thing was, we still don’t know what it was or is. But they are 100% real, they are physical blood and bone creatures of a baboon/hyena appearance and they seem to love to eat sheep especially fully grown 55 kg ewes which are very fast and strong yet these thing just go in and kills everyone of them nearly. 

Deb if any of this may help some people on the channel please use it. It might help figure out what the hell we are dealing with as we also have black cat kills and sightings all the time in the local area. But most if not all are actually done by whatever this thing is. They are basically walking wolves. I’m sorry for the long story but I like to be in depth and share all of my experiences about these creatures. 

We had a YouTuber get in touch and he was meant to have met me last year up here on the farm but he never showed up. It was around the time the woman from Ayrshire went missing and then she was found “partially eaten by wildlife. Didn’t they blame it on foxes or badgers?“ I think he must of shit himself pardon the pun and changed his mind about coming up here. And as people who have actually physically seen these creatures know the fear you get when you see one or hear of one is possibly the hardest thing to put into words or explain. I would like to remain anonymous as to the exact spot and location to protect our farms from people just walking all over them looking for these creatures. They have no idea what they are dealing with, as from the injuries I have witnessed on our sheep these things are very powerful, incredibly fast, agile, heavy killers. 

Can you imagine what it must have been like to be in that hunting party. It’s bad enough to go after a destructive fox or a pack of dogs to begin with. But these guys went out knowing something was out there killing on a large scale, they had to accept the idea they could possibly be out hunting a large cat that night. Let that sit a while, it’s dark, you’re out in the fields, no lights other than the spotters which are for picking out eyeshine in the cover. If it’s a clever animal you won’t see more than a mere glimpse of its eyes. So it could be anywhere, watching you, it could even be right behind you. Hunting a huge cat, often described as bigger than a labrador dog well that’s not for the faint hearted. Now up the anti a bit, can you imagine what they thought when they finally saw the creature they had killed. How did they describe it? a cross between a hyena, a baboon and a wolf, with hands like a rat, with long fingers. What would you do? 

They did what anyone would do in that situation in the UK, they called the police and the vet. Who to their credit actually turned out. I  bet they did, as it was them that removed the body from the farm for it never to be seen again. Where is that body now? Who has custody of it? And why was there no follow up report of conclusions, no DNA tests, no soil or blood samples taken? Our government under normal circumstances love a good statistical dressing down, a moment to make famers, hikers and the general public feel like complete idiots when making reports. Yet people still do. Werewolves are reported to the police in many counties. Yet they seem to have stopped giving even their usual ridiculous ‘it was Mrs B’s tabby from number 47’. Do a general search on farm animal deaths in your area, the numbers will be staggering. 



My Mother’s paternal family in Ireland came from an area called the Land of the Lakes not to be confused with the Land Between the Lakes, the notorious Dogman hotspot in the US. That case will go down in Dogman history as one of the most gruesome events known to man. John contacted me to share a report he had made in October 2020 after some horrifying experiences on his farm which is in Eddyville, Kentucky. 
Witness Report: John44: “On October 23rd I woke up to a gang of Crows raising hell on my property. It was very early in the morning and it was just getting daylight outside. So I grabbed my shotgun loaded with buckshot and left the house. I noticed a dead Deer that was balled up on the edge of one of my ponds. As I walked over to investigate, I stopped and noticed the Crows were alerting to something 40 yards up the hill from the deer. Something wasn’t right so I thought I had better investigate.
I went back to my home and got dressed. I holstered my 1911 .45 and switched to my semi auto .308 rifle and went back out as quickly as I could. I had decided to get above where the Crows were at and try to flush out whatever was there. When I moved in above that spot the Crows left and I found a large depression in the leaves behind a big log across from the Deer. I went down and dragged the Deer up behind that log and I noticed the Deer had been mutilated and brutalised. I then decided to take pictures of the Deer and the spot where it had been placed.
The odd thing about it was there were no drag marks, no prints, no blood, no guts or tufts of hair anywhere around that area. The deer had been carried and dumped there as bait in the depression for an attack on whatever or whoever would investigate the Deer kill.  The Deer’s head had been bitten hard on its skull and the wound on the left side of the Deer’s head had punctured straight through and the other scraped the bone. It must have been a massive creature to have bitten down on that Deer’s head like that. Also the Deer’s back bone was ripped out from the abdomen and the Deer’s right leg was broken too above its hock.

There was no blunt force trauma anywhere on the Deer’s body. The Deer’s shoulders had been turned inside out and it’s back loins were removed and the carcass was completely drained of all it’s blood. All the Deer’s white underbelly was removed along with all its guts. All of the diaphragm was cleanly ripped out along with the entrails.

Whatever creature had done that It had to be incredibly powerful. That diaphragm muscle is extremely strong and no known predator is capable of removing the diaphragm in that manner, not even a human. I searched the rest of the day for the Deer’s kill site on my farm but I never found where the Deer had been killed.

I think the Deer was killed off my property and carried a long way to place it next to my pond. There are some pictures attached of the Deer and the spot next to my pond where I found it.

Added note: To my eye it looked like the Deer was caught with the bite on the head, raised up off its feet, grabbed by its hind leg and punched through its underbelly to its spine and then it had its spine ripped out for the kill. That is my assumption of how the Deer was killed.

I thought the morning event was the end of it, but later that night at 12 o’clock exactly, something massive let out a deep gravelly howl that lasted about 10 seconds. An hour later something was outside, growling and circling my home. It circled my place about 70 times and tried to open my door and tried to pull one of my windows out by its frame. It also raked its claws on the sides of my home as it circled. Just before daylight that morning it left. All during that next day I had a strange uneasy feeling that something was wrong and I was in danger.

The second night it came back, and I opened the blind of the window at my kitchen sink to see what this thing was. It was dark out there with a little moonlight so I couldn’t see much at first and then it walked by the window. My heart sank as I tried to make sense of what I was seeing. This creature was walking upright on two legs. 

I could see its arms swinging as it walked by. It had a head the size of a large Grizzly Bear with ears about 7 inches long and it had a long snout. It stood approximately 8 feet tall and was all black in colour. I watched it several times pass by the window as it kept circling my home. I put down the shotgun and picked up my .308 rifle knowing I had no chance with the shotgun if I had to defend myself.

The creature stopped at the window, walked up to it and bent down to look inside. I raised my rifle and aimed at its head. It couldn’t see me where I was standing off to one side. Then both of its ears turned towards me when I flipped off the safety switch in case I had to shoot it. It stood there listening and then backed away slowly and continued circling my home, raking its claws and testing my windows and door.

The size of this monster! It could have easily ripped through a wall or the door with little effort. I estimated its size from shoulder to shoulder at 38 inches, with massive arms and upper body. I never saw its eyes as it was dark outside and it was all black. It circled my home about 30 times in 4 hours the second night and eventually walked away.

I waited for about an hour and decided to go to bed. After about 30 minutes laying in bed I could hear something approaching the wall where my head was. Once it got closer I could hear a heartbeat. As it got closer the heartbeat got louder. Then I could hear bristly fur rubbing against the wall at my head board. The heartbeat got louder and louder and my dog, while hiding and shaking, started whining as if he was dying.

I jumped off the bed and grabbed my rifle. I thought I might have been somehow hearing my own heartbeat so I checked my pulse and my pulse was slower than what I was hearing. The heartbeat got so loud that I could hear the blood pumping through its heart, almost like I was wearing headphones. The blood sounded fizzy, like Coca Cola. This spooky heartbeat lasted for about 2 minutes and then as the creature backed away the heartbeat slowly faded until the creature left and the heartbeat stopped. The whole time this was happening that pumping heartbeat was really having an effect on my Dog. 

I don’t think it has come back since the heartbeat incident but I seriously believe it will be back with more elaborate tricks to either kill me or run me off my place. I went ahead and gave you the long version of what happened here.”

About the same time last year I found a deer fawn in the exact same area near the pond. The fawn had been attacked but it was still barely alive and bawling with pain; I had to put it out of its misery. I chalked it up to a dog attack. I am starting to think maybe it was using my abandoned farm as a hunting ground. My farm is totally secluded and no one ventures on this place and even now where they know I patrol my property. 

If this Dogman is making a peace offering it is going about it all the wrong way! It killed the one deer it should have left alone and not stalked me for two days.

I am a U.S. Marine and heavily armed here with night vision. I recently purchased shotgun slugs designed for killing Grizzly Bears, and I set up tripwire alarms in a perimeter around my home and game cameras. So far I have only captured pictures of some resident raccoons.

Also when this Dogman was harassing me, I had a game camera set up where I feed Deer during that time. I have never captured pictures of coyotes here before or after and I have never seen any or heard any Coyotes here. I am an avid hunter and survivalist and I believe I will start working on an underground shelter. I was planning to build an underground shelter for the tornadoes here but now with a 8 foot tall Dogman on my land, well now I will be digging in.

After my encounter I started researching what I saw here and I am shocked that there are so many encounters around and there is said to be a hive of Dogmen living near an abandoned sawmill in Grand Rivers! Grand Rivers is just 18 miles away from me.

I have noticed several other strange and unusual things here that I don’t know how to explain. Things that trigger my game cameras and harass the Deer. I will send you those pictures also with descriptions. I have no idea what those things are.

I included pictures of the Deer I found last year in the same spot where the Deer the Dogman had killed and dumped it as bait.“ The buzzards won’t ever touch the Deer that’s been killed by a Dogman. Anything else in the area doesn’t last a day normally all the critters come and finish off the body but the buzzards never go near a Dogman kill“.

Obviously this chap is not called John, that’s his youtube name and that’s what we shall refer to him by. I also will not be revealing the location of the farm for matters of privacy and honestly so you don’t get shot. Entering someone’s property in the US is not the same as trespassing in Chipping Sudbury, you are likely to leave without at least one limb in the US. And then there is the matter of this baiting technique using the Deer. I wondered what it was hunting, as it had a perfectly good Deer carcass to snack on. Let’s air on the side of optimism and say it was hunting Bear, as this sounds awfully like a human trap to me.

For more stories, podcats, vlogs like this please visit BBR Investigations – https://linktr.ee/bbrinvestigations






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On 12/26/2023 at 5:14 PM, Certified Green of Heart said:


Bottom of page is this vid:



Nice one! 

There’s been a massive uptick in dogman sightings across the whole of the uk in recent years. I wonder what’s going on? 
I think the gov/military knows all about them but is keeping quiet for obvious reasons. Can’t have the sheep questioning their reality can we? 

Dogmen are mentioned by the native Americans along with cat people, ant people, lizard men, bird men and a host of other hybrid cryptids. 

I think someone got splice-happy a few thousand years ago and tried every combo of being imaginable. 
Who knows, they might have even created US 

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