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Suella Braverman………The new saviour? That’s what they want people to believe.

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No she will not be the new saviour at all, she is a politician.

In my opinion, Braverman is being presented as this tough, take no messing politician. The woman who has all the answers to stop the boat crossings. The woman who talks tough and has the answers to sort out all the problems the current puppet ‘seems’ incapable of doing. She will be the Cons last hope in turning their doomed future around.


My guess is, with the latest resignation and party in-fighting, the Cons will get rid of Sunak within a few months and Braverman will be ‘selected’ as the new saviour. The Cons will hope (and she probably will) appeal to all those who have lost faith in the Cons, and the good old gullible UK population will be programmed that she is not only the party saviour but also the countries.


Of course it will all be another con. It will be a last ditch attempt by the Cons to save their own necks and to try and buy themselves another five years of doing…………….absolutely nothing for us but everything the puppet masters want. Either way we are doomed!

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