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Remembering & Envisioning Prime Earth Reality


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This thread is meant for those who resonate with David Icke's theory that our physical 3D Earth world is a simulation, or a 'bad copy' of something we can call "Prime Earth", or "Prime Reality".  (see books The Trap and The Dream)


I'm really inspired by this concept because it explains my own life experience like nothing else I've come across, and I have started to collect quotes and experiences about it in order to stir my own 'spirit memory' and to start envisioning and tuning my perception into Prime Earth Reality. 

I thought it would be great if we could do this together on this thread. 😊  It's fun, but it's also beneficial to consciousness because we are starting to think beyond this matrix and expanding our perception.  I would love to hear y'alls own experiences or memories of Prime Earth Reality!


Here are my collected notes. 

(The most remarkable one is by David's producer, Christianne van Wijk! If you don't read anything else, read hers! I find it absolutely fascinating.)



Quote David Icke:
(ICKONIC - The Nature of Reality w/ David Icke Ep 11, Jan 8, 2022)


There is another Earth reality in higher realms or frequency dimensions and this is the Prime Reality from which the fake copy simulation was created. Many near death experiencers have described seeing this 'other Earth' in their out of body state:

An Earth with far more vibrant colors (higher frequency colors in other words) and full of Love, Happiness and Joy - what we'd like this Earth to be.

The principle of the fake copy can be likened to downloading a website. The original website continues as it was before, but now you have a copy which you can change as you choose, until it's nothing like the original except in theme.

The still existing Original Earth is on a much higher frequency than the simulated copy which has fallen into ever greater low frequency density as the Wetiko manipulation has taken its toll.

The 'fall of man' is the fall down the frequencies into ever denser materialism that has lost touch with expanded reality in the same way that Wetiko has. 

The simulation is not a physical construct - there is no physical. It is an information source which the brain decodes into the illusion of physicality.


    David Icke quote from The Dream:

People talk about a 'New Earth' that is coming. But it's not a 'new' Earth, it is Prime Reality Earth which the simulation has overlaid with its bad copy fakery. Prime Earth is in the same "space" you are sitting or standing in now, it's just on a much higher frequency.
As the simulation is dissolved, so Prime Earth will appear, like mist clearing in the warmth of the sun. It may be experienced as a transformation to a wonderful world, when it's really the simulation dispersing to reveal what it has been hiding from us.


    Quote Christianne van Wijk:
(ICKONIC - Behind The Lense Ep 14, June 2023)

When I was a little child, let's just say two, three years old, I remember staring outside the window, looking at nature around, and the memory or the thought that would come to me would be "This is really strange... because it LOOKS real. It looks pretty real, but it's not the real thing."


I knew already from a young age that this was a bad copy, and I remembered very, very well that Prime Earth, the heaven on Earth, Prime Earth, is ALIVE. So it emanates so much energy hat it moves and it's alive. So when you walk through nature, the leaves, the trees, they are consciousness, and they are moving and they are alive, and they're emanating visual energy, and you can feel it. You're interactive with all the animals and all of nature.

And also the buildings are like, they're alive because they're created with love and they're created with materials that have a consciousness.


So I remember that as a child, and I remember being incredibly DISAPPOINTED with this version. And it took me years to kind of...
So it was like a big disappointment a lot of the time, because I would be like, Oh, we're going to this and this place. And in my head I'd be like, Oh, it's going to be like this, and it's going to be like that. Because I had this memory sort of deep in me of what it would be like, and then I would arrive and I'd go, "This is not a real thing...!"


It's like this matrix reality, it's always kind of a bit like, yeah all right, then yeah, it will do, but...


And I think a lot of people have that really strong missing of Home, and they don't know where there is home because our memories were wiped, so we don't really know.

But I do think that when the collective awakens, that Prime Earth will automatically appear, because it's not a place somewhere else, everything's here, because time and space is an illusion.

So it will basically come through the overlay. The overlay will be destroyed, and then the Prime Earth, which has been here all along, but we haven't been able to perceive it, will come back through.



Quote Jean Nolan
(INSPIRED locals, Coffee & Truth - Can We Escape Karma?, Nov 2023)


I had a realization yesterday when we were hanging up Christmas lights... and we were looking at the twinkling, and I was wondering, Why does this feel so beautiful? Why does it feel so good to look at? What resonates in my spirit with these twinkling lights? What is there in nature that I can compare this to? Yeah, there's the glistening of the snow, and the sunshine, there are certain things, but... I got this DEEP KNOWING that what I was looking at was an imitation of something that exists in a much purer and natural form. In REAL nature, not this nature, in nature outside of this perceptual limitation that we're in. And it's like, all is more crystalline, and all is more light in Prime Reality, and colorful. And that's basically what came through.

It's a beginning to really remember why when we are spiritually connected we resonate with certain things so strongly - because they are a reminder of what our true nature is vs. why we reject other things so strongly, because they are further and further removed from what we perceive to be true nature.


[...] This reality, even in its most beautiful form, even when we're immersed in nature, even when we're really away from the crap, it still feels dense, it still feels heavy compared to what I remember in my spirit. It still feels slow, and low. 
And we have these BEAUTIFUL times, when we look out on the water, sand beneath our feet, or we're in the mountains - it is BEAUTIFUL! But it still feels not quite there if you know what I mean.  And I think finally the penny is dropping, it's because this is not IT. This is not the full potential of infinite possibilities that we're experiencing here. It is a slowed down, denser version of it. 


[...] We'll make the best of it, or - and this could be an option that is becoming likelier - or maybe we will break the perceptional bounds while we're still in this physical body, while we're still in this experience. Which has happened to many of you and us in meditations, or we had epiphanies, or we had moments where the reality around us began to shift and everything became lighter and more colorful, and things that shouldn't have happened in this physical reality did happen. We've had these moments. But they are moments, they are glimpses, they are not there all the time. 





Like many people I've always had a sense of 'something or someone is missing from this reality'. Then, over a period of several years, I had a series of very special dreams that weren't like my normal dreams. 
In these dreams I had a very powerful feeling of "REALNESS" that is hard to describe. Everything, including myself had much more depth to it, like there was an additional dimension that made everything more REAL, more ALIVE. Everything had much more SPIRITUAL SUBSTANCE to it than in the normal 3D world. It felt like I had literally tapped into "Something Way More Real" than everyday reality.

Compared to that my normal 3D experience feels empty and flat, and I feel disconnected from that sense of "Something REAL".


There were nuances to the dreams, like in one dream the emphasis was on a very strong feeling of HOME. There is no better word for it. It felt like I was completely HOME, and that felt amazing.

In another dream the most remarkable thing was that I felt like a deeper, older, more mature, wiser version of myself, like I wasn't just my 3D avatar personality, but something more. Like I was my whole self, but still on the individual level. Compared to that my everyday personality feels like a flat surface avatar that doesn't represent my whole self. 


Until I came across David Icke's writings about the simulation and Prime Earth, I thought this additional dimension should be possible to experience here in this 3D reality. But in decades I never came even close to experiencing anything like it! It makes much more sense to interpret these dreams in the context of a Prime Reality that I have tapped into!



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