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What is the connection of aliens and religion?


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The bible and many other religions talk about holy war. Well is there some war going on in heaven today why is the bible giving so little information about it.


Why are humans not to know about the war going on in heaven? Is there real fightings and battles going on in heaven? Also what is the connection of Aliens and religion?

Where humans part of some thing much bigger before and got downgraded to earth because of war with other aliens or them self or evil nature that every human has but many other aliens don’t have? And humans got downgraded to earth and are not to know about God and other aliens?


They say not to go in the light when one dies because it is memory ripe and the alien that control earth will send the soul back to earth.


Why does God not have control over earth and allow reptilian alien to control earth and feed of wars and fighting on earth for food and other negative energy the reptilian alien like and allow earth to be soul farm for the reptilian aliens?


Many people in Hollywood and government are part of the illuminati seem to sold them self to the reptilian alien that control earth so when they die they get special privileges.



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