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The attack on suburbs and houses and the great reset


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There seems to be this movement post Covid now of major attack on suburbs and houses and building Chinese style city in Canada and very noticeable in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto. I was shocked when I took a drive up there as it feels like a Chinese style city not a US style city. I was shock this was going on for much longer but sense Covid there is major attack on suburbs and houses with groups wanting to ban houses being build and 15 minute walkable areas.


I know David Icke talked about extremely small houses they want to build but I don’t think he talk about condos and apartments they want to be the new normal well they destroy the middle class and suburbs. Well city hall, city planners and professors push high rise condos and high rise apartments.


But I’m wondering if others here have any books or videos of the major attack on suburbs and houses as I see this is rolling out as future for everyone well the players get most people living in high rise apartments and high rise condos. 

I have not found any good books on the great reset but it is clear the middle class is being destroyed. And new homes being build are capped every year in the name of the Green Party being bad for green belts and sprawl as that new buzz word in the news green belt and sprawl. It so bad in Toronto or Vancouver a million dollars will get you a small condo in the city and small tiny house in the suburbs. 

I was wondering if David Icke talked about this or if there are any good books or videos talking about this but it is clear this is part of the great reset. I would think the United Nations or G-7 is behind this.


Well the major attack on suburbs and houses well they push 15 minute walkable city with massive high rise apartments and high rise condos with a Chinese style city.


This seems to be the new normal they are pushing now.




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To give you a update how bad it is in the suburbs this what looks like in Canada what they are doing now.


It looks nothing like any US cities and even the UK.


This is what they are doing now in Canada. This is what they are doing in China. but they are copying Chinese style of building these high rise condos in Toronto and Vancouver area.


The death of suburbs and new normal they building now.














Again this is death of suburbs and houses well they embrace these high rise apartments and high rise condos.


It looks like some thing out of China. The anti suburbs, anti houses and anti car.

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We have these things popping up in Birmingham city centre.


It's always the same thing - every new tower block or development that is 'announced' is made up of 'luxury apartments', with some kind of gym and 'retail offering' on the ground floor.


The 15-minute 'smart' city is taking shape. Every couple of blocks you have some Spar, Costcutter or Nisa convenience store, as well as the Tesco Express, Sainsburys and Morrisons equivalents. Add in the usual blend of cafes and takeaways such as Costa, Starbucks, Subway etc, and of course why does every block need a gym?


The idea being that everything you need is either in your block, or a short walk away. No need to own a car! Get a bus, tram or escooter around the city centre if you want/need to shop at the 'big brand' or designer stores, or just order online from Amazon and get everything else you need delivered to your door.


There's no way I'd ever trade in my nice quiet suburban life, to move into one of these overpriced micro-apartments just for the 'convenience' of living in the city centre.


If anything, my desire is to leave this suburb and have a nice quiet life out in a rural village by the coast.

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I wonder why the commonwealth countries are worse than the US at doing this. Makes you question are city planners and policies coming from the UN or UK. 


Well when you look at Toronto and Vancouver it is really bad compared to the US building lot of these high rise tower blocks.



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4 hours ago, Lilymoon said:

Does anyone notice they are also putting in bike lanes and speed bumps every where making driving very hostile? 


Yes the bike lanes are all over my home town and very little used as there aren't many cyclists here because it's too hilly. The council likes to virtue signal to the green lobby, another way is to convert precious parking spaces into electric charging points which are hardly used. They've been anti-car for a long time now. 

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