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Acapulco Hurricane - help needed


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3 hours ago, Mr H said:

Yeah that's probably the most likely case with max. And agreed sometimes in my little opinion he can get a bit carried away or seems a bit gullible with the videos people send him which he shows us.


But with everyone. People shouldn't disregard whole body of work if someone makes a mistake or is not perfect like we all are.


He could definitely post something a bit more cheery from time to time...😆


I haven't seen him try and scam anyone and he doesn't try and sell a course or newsletter. I just had suspicion about the bar, but someone explained that above

Its probably quite hard to verify videos and images these days as its so easy to fake stuff. Max does try and add a caveat if he is not sure of validity though. 

I see him as a modern day wandering philosopher. He has strong opinions on some subjects and has said many times that he prefer making ancient history media then covid started and everything changed.

Berwick is an egotistical ass who thinks he's gods gift to humanity. 

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On 11/5/2023 at 10:28 AM, Mr H said:

He could definitely post something a bit more cheery from time to time...😆


we could all do with some good news but it's hard to come by these days. The cabal have gone into overdrive with their agenda and the world seems to be spiraling down into madness which is likely by design because behind all of that chaos the cabal are calmly and quietly going about their agenda whilst everyone else is distracted  by all the mayhem


manufacturing and then exploiting chaos to bamboozle your opponent:


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Regarding Acapulco, my friends just came back from helping there. Before going down he said there were stories circulating of armed robbery of the food and supplies people were taking to help.

He said its all nonsense and its very safe and that 'govt and media are an organised crime racket.' (He speaks Spanish and is married to a mexican, so he asked locals.)

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