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UK Excess Deaths

The Unchained Brain

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9 hours ago, The Unchained Brain said:

We must ask- Who do they really work for?


Work is too strong a word to use in connection with your question, bought is more to the point and since they are whores anyway it really just depends on the size of the pay cheque to sit around spewing diarrhea from their face anus and complaining about everything as everyone else's fault and then making up more shit to be written into Law to hide their failings and restrict descent from those that they have robbed from, aka, We, The People.

A good place to start is the wef, as they operate out of WEFminster anyway, the petro-harma-chem industry and just about any other [D]ark [S]ide, shadow government, deep state occult-ed group on planet stupid, there are many of these and as long as none take responsibility nor accountability for their actions then it's all groovy-a-go-go.

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