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Oprah & The Rock Makes CRUCIAL Mistake Leaking Maui Fund Scam


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Oprah & The Rock Makes CRUCIAL Mistake Leaking Maui Fund Scam. Winfrey and Johnson donated $10 million to initiate The People's Fund of Maui. Still, the subsequent appeal for further funds from the public via social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok did not sit well with many fans, especially those facing financial difficulties. The concerns echoed among many were largely around why two of the world's wealthiest people were reaching out to the public for financial assistance. The magnitude of their initial donation, when compared to their colossal wealth, became a focal point of debate.

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Don't fry the land and murder people with your energy weapons, in the first place, then funds like this will not be needed. We all saw the planes you were flying, fitted with the half-a-million- watt Blue Lasers firing downwards which started all the fires. You did not even try to hide it, recorded on people's phones and circulated on the web all over the world.





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Interesting usage of words. Oprah is "black" and she visited Maui with the "Rock"








Chris Rock also visited Burning Man, shown below


Does Black Rock fund Burning Man?
The Black Rock Arts Foundation (BRAF) was founded by several of the partners who founded and produce Burning Man, with the mission to support and promote community, interactive art and civic participation.
Russell Brand just exposed BlackRock, the company trying to rebuild Maui - from a recent Daily Mirror article:
“Brand turns to the conspiracy that the fires in Hawaii were possibly “started deliberately to benefit rich elites” such as the investment management company and financial services provider BlackRock. [He says] "Now look at the Ukraine war. Ukraine have already done a deal with BlackRock to rebuild their nation using BlackRock investment. If you apply that mentality to this situation, if BlackRock end up benefitting from the fires in Hawaii, then the conspiracy is almost a redundant detail. Did they start it? Didn’t they start it?”

Though I think he's also funded in some way by BlackRock.

All of it could be linked to Satanic sacrifice and anti-Christan rituals.







 And what a co-incidence Balenciaga's fashion show last year, when they were hit by scandal for an ad campaign using toddlers and Satanic imagery, was set in a field of mud








The Wicker Man, 1973











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I used to like Rock when he was in WWF/E. Since becoming a liberal dip shit in Hollywood I can't stand him. Any celeb telling you which way to vote, what to eat, what to think, how to act can go fuck themselves. They get paid silly money for contributing nothing to the advancement of humanity or doing anything of any use, yet they want to lecture us about things they know nothing about.


All they know is how to perform on a casting couch, an cover up for sexual deviants in an industry littered with scumbags.

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Zelensky up to his neck in the mud too


The destruction of Ukraine provides a huge investment opportunity for American corporations, as the World Bank has estimated reconstruction could cost over $500 billion. Ukrainian officials have put the price tag for their “recovery plan” at $750 billion.


Worth noting, even at the most free festivals in the world, theyre still trapped. That's the message. Hope the young people wake up.

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