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Councils going bankrupt countdown

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maybe this is the plan


bankrupt us,

another lockdown,

digital currency,

15 minute city


Part of me thinks they know that all the climate change and immigration policies will bankrupt them - and that's why they did it.

I don't think they are stupid.

I think they are destroying the country on purpose.






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On 9/12/2023 at 4:57 PM, 78ast78dgyad said:

maybe this is the plan


bankrupt us,

another lockdown,

digital currency,

15 minute city


Part of me thinks they know that all the climate change and immigration policies will bankrupt them - and that's why they did it.

I don't think they are stupid.

I think they are destroying the country on purpose.






Yes bankrupt us because there has been a power shift at the top . UK is witnessing a Game of thrones episide scenario playing in real life. 

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On 9/12/2023 at 2:23 AM, Anti Facts Sir said:

Slough went bust last year too. Lemme guess....Labour-run, diversity-bonkers types.


It's not just Labour controlled councils.


But its the Labour councils, such as Birmingham, that are quick to blame the Conservatives for 'underfunding' them.


It just becomes more political mudslinging, where one party blames the other for their failings.


It doesn't matter which party has 'political control' of the council - the councillors and their leader are not really in control of things. They may make proposals for policy changes, and cast votes to make decisions.


But they are ultimately beholden to the 'paid' unelected civil service that sits behind the scenes, the people supposedly responsible for carrying out the wishes of the council, but are ultimately just pushing and promoting other peoples' agendas.


While the councillors and cabinet members bear a level of responsibility for what has happened in Birmingham, the political wrangling just becomes a distraction for what has really gone wrong. The blame must be directed towards the paid unelected chief executive and the other highly-paid unelected managers and directors.


Common Purpose stooges.


Local government is a great way to siphon off public taxpayers money into the hands of private companies/individuals.


(Even better if you can convince that authority to shell out £19m on an Oracle IT accounting database that doesn't work - and then needs a further £100m to 'fix' it!)


Award contract tenders to your best mates, even if they are not 'best value for money'. Set up bogus/dubious charities/organisations and apply for funding for projects that do nothing or very little. (Apart from promote "the message").



The biggest irony for this Labour-controlled council in Birmingham is that their main financial downfall is the result of actions taken by Tony Blair's Labour government, and the unions taking full advantage.



One positive to takeaway from this is that with a halt on any new spending, while the council is effectively bankrupt, the below is unlikely to happen any time soon.

Brummies urged to cut out meat to tackle climate emergency


Council bosses have agreed to meet with two doctors to discuss promoting plant-based food in Birmingham in a bid to 'tackle climate emergency'. Gastroenterologist Dr Sukhdev Singh, and retired GP Dr Sarah Benn, believe a move towards plant-based diets is a 'logical step' in the journey to net zero.

The campaigners plan to hold talks with Birmingham City Council over ways the authority can encourage Brummies to eat less meat. They will also urge the authority to 'lead by example' and ensure catering is plant-based at future council events.

The UK needs to reduce its emissions by 68 per cent by 2030 under the 2015 Paris climate agreement. This is seen as a key step to hitting a net zero target by 2050.

Dr Benn said she has "huge concern" over the climate emergency and the "implications for health and how food systems contribute". She added: "We’ve seen devastating wildfires, extreme heat and mass migrations across the world driven by global heating.

"Per calorie and gram of protein produced, meat and dairy produce many times more emissions than plant foods." Speaking at Birmingham's full council meeting on Tuesday, September 12, Dr Singh said: "The independent Climate Change Committee has urged reduction in meat and dairy consumption to meet net zero targets, and called for public sector leadership in this sphere.

from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/brummies-urged-cut-out-meat-27708376


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The war is in plain sight at every turn those that see the plebs that's us as cannon fodder and playgod

Let's break it down only essential services will be protected

That's the crux they choose what's essential wasn't obvious in lockdown the councils did not see the sick rh elderly and the vulnerable as essential services 


In the pecking order of essential services it's the pensions the councillors auditors and the lawyers everyone else can swing.


And yet the peopl don't see it..

Cognitive dissonanc.


The male psyche is a delicate flower they know things are not right but they don't want to enter the rabbit hole and also don't want to know what those that have found truth have discovered.

This means the truth seekers get targeted by the cuckoo's that feather their n st.



The machismo mindset knows that they become impotent when they can't do what is needed to protect their homes kids and family.


The dick dies the men becomer floppy's a and the women lack any empathy and pick apart  the male psyche therefore women become the enemy


This happens many times in the bible so many  tribes end up with just barren women no men  no kids no livestoc

Where are your livestock wayl that's wayles Jonah and the whale




Sodom Gomorrah two angels destroy the lie Jeremiah tells them they live a lie that's women playing as men who want to have sex with lots visitors


They are barren grvyless women who then say the angels are cuckolds from the line of eunuchs and Castrotos 


Imagine what dod you call them fey eunuchs

Or Enoch's.

Lots wife is an example mouthy women who are turned to salt as an example

Salt being the symbology masculinity.


There's a nefarious army of liars on benefits and handouts that will fight tooth and nail to hide their double crossing and how they spit on their neighbours while gloating.

They also seem to forget there are genuine vulnerable people who literally have to beg to get support while these traitors gloat and smirk before sneering when exposed.


The Greeks  called it trojan horses we call them traitors. Or agent provocateurs.







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