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Help, they're muck spreading!




Windows in my bedroom open all night. Get up and go down stairs this morning, no windows open down stairs. Dog gets up on first stair and sniffs the air from up stairs after the rain....what the hell is in it?


Personally, I think the dust came over night not in the rain, maybe the rain activated something in it!

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Maybe they needed the sudden last minute heat wave as the cover to pull this off. No wind here when it occurred either. I feel like when they drop shit from their chemtrails that we can't visually see or necessarily smell once it's down here at ground level (I know we can visually see the stuff when sprayed as it's dispersing in the sky) this is possibly one of the first times we can visually see their shit at ground level?!


The fact they're referring to it as dust is a red flag in my hacked mind. Seeding?



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"Saharan dust" isn't that uncommon, happens once or twice every year, depending on wind/atmospheric conditions.


We've had no rain here in Birmingham for over a week now, so I've not really seen much of this to be honest.


I have noticed the sky has been quite hazy for the last couple of days, though not completely overcast, still been very pleasant in the sunshine.

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On 9/8/2023 at 9:13 PM, Dustpanandbrush said:


scientific analysis of the elements found in jt 


The video in your link; the car looks the same as the cars I saw in the South West, UK.


Here's the comments that I saw, although I couldn't find them again?


"I collected some from my car in an envolope and used a neodymium magnet and it's magnetic, looks like metal fillings when they all join together"

Most obvious on the cars here in North Lanarkshire but it’s all over everything and causing eye irritation in particular" 🤬

"Same in Northern Ireland"



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