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Nurse, wrong ward, wrong times?


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I saw an interesting interview a few weeks ago about nurses who have been, in the past, accused and sentenced to prison for apparently killing babies. I think the programme covered five or six cases involving nurses in the UK. Even though all had been convicted, they were all later found innocent. To keep it brief, It was explained that over many years in hospitals, baby deaths have, can and will occur in 'blocks'. Not because someone has killed them, but because of bad management and also bad decision making by those higher up the medical ladder.

When asked how experts in court could get it so wrong, he explained that NEVER in one case of the 5 nurses he was referring to was there EVER a postmortem on any of the babies who sadly died. There was no medical evidence presented to the juries. The cases ALWAYS rely on 'expert' interpretations as to what they THOUGHT had happened/killed the babies, very often months if not years after the deaths took place. When challenged on Letbys diary saying she was evil, the psychologist explained that she could of wrote that for many reasons and he gave an example that she may of thought that of herself because babies, she had cared for had died on her watch. 


When I see the following news reports I just wonder.....nurse, wrong ward, wrong times?





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