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Child Sexual Abuse & the Shapeshifting Royal Family


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Britain's Prince Andrew, who no longer appears in public as an official member of the royal family, surprisingly appeared alongside high-profile UK government officials including British Secretary of State James Cleverly as part of a delegation that travelled to Kyiv, Ukraine in June of this year. News reports today said that Prince Andrew left Ukraine on a private flight bound for Paris on approximately June 6, 2023, accompanied by two children who an eyewitness said were "terrified and crying" after the Prince "touched (the two children) in inappropriate parts". 

    The eyewitness is James Obasa, a VIP events host at CHI nightclub, also known as “Decadence House,” a high-end, exclusive establishment that caters to elites & the very wealthy. Mr. Obasa is often assigned to pay special attention to European guests because he speaks fluent English.

    Please read the story and Mr. Obasa's account of the events of June 6, 2023:  Witness: Prince Andrew Kidnapped Ukrainian Children | by Deborah L. Armstrong | Sep, 2023 | Medium  (Cut & paste into your browser's search bar).

    The first question I asked myself was if Andrew has truly been forbidden to appear or travel as an official member of the royal family (aka on the taxpayer's dime) what on earth was he doing in a war zone as a member of an official delegation from Britain? The eyewitness, Mr. Obasa, said that aside from British Secretary of State Cleverly there were several other people clearly travelling with Andrew, who were present most of the evening but left the nightclub when the children were brought to Andrew.

    For me, and I suspect for many of you as loyal David Icke readers & followers, one of the most 'interesting' points that Mr. Obasa made in his statement was this:  “They were behaving in a weird way, you know? As if they were drugged, or they were drunk.” He noticed that the children’s behavior was now much different than when they had first arrived. “The Prince was agitated; his eyes were shiny, in a weird way. He told me to get the kids dressed.”

I will leave you to draw your own conclusions but I know what I think of when I read about the Prince's eyes getting 'shiny, in a weird way'. 

While the children were being dressed ready to leave via the rooftop heliport, Mr. Obasa said a man dressed in a 'camo' uniform told the children they were being taken to Disneyland in Paris. Mr. Obasa said the children appeared to be 'drugged'. 

According to AirNav radar reports, the British delegation left Ukraine on June 6, 2023 and flew to the Paris-Orly airport.

    The royal family has a LOT to answer for, in my opinion, and here is just one more incident that both defies and demands an explanation. So, Charles, how are you going to spin this one?


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I can believe it and I absolutely know that Ukraine is deeply involved in being a trafficking hub

I wonder what Putins "special military operation" actually is outside of our media, I am sure they will never report Ukrainian militias being the factions that shoot and bomb their own infrastructure and people? Or that many Western men are heavily invested in keeping Ukraine for themselves for trafficking purposes. 

The world is an inversion of what we believe it to be. Almost always 180° out from reality if we believe our media at face value.

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Romania is similar to what you describe Ukraine.  Also be careful,  they vilified Ukraine for being competitors for holocaust sympathy before Russia attack. The Russian Media could be picking up old Zionist fairy tales. 

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