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Anti-chippers are the latest group of awful people we now have to worry about

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They’re paranoid, don’t believe in science, many have white supremacist tendencies, and most importantly they want you to know that microchip implants are super duper scary. They’re anti-chippers, and they’ve got literally dozens more braincells than your average anti-vaxxer. So, what’s their deal?

The coronavirus pandemic has the world’s most brilliant minds scrambling to find treatments, vaccines, and ways to improve public health going forward. One such savior is Bill Gates, the child-loving philanthropist who founded Microsoft. His proposal is to put a teeny tiny piece of silicone under everyone’s skin to improve lives by reducing healthcare costs and keeping track of the unhealthy.

Now what could possibly be bad about health professionals and doctors keeping Americans safe and healthy? You’d be surprised (or not).



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4 hours ago, legion said:

I've read several articles on this website. 

Painful. Really painful.. 


Either, really really fucking stupid. 

Controlled narrative driven. 

Or - Satire. 


I really cannot make up my mind which it is 😕 


It could be satire or spoof, hard to tell. It's written from the pov of very woke liberals but apparently it's for blacks. At least it claims to be black led and black owned. If it is serious I can't imagine who the intended audience is. 

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