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David’s books in audio format


David Icke Audio books  

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On amazon canada i can only have the Ebook version. Just saw a Twitter post from july 2023 and there seem to have a audio version of The dream. Would definitely buy it. The job i am doing for the last year and a half is far from being mentally challenging. I went trough the trap over the course of a few days last year. For me it was very convenient. Plus he is the one doing the narration. Maybe it can be see as lazy for some people but i really do enjoy audiobooks. Even if no audio version of the dream is available i would still read it. Would really love to know when it is going to be available and where to buy it.


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I there a possibility that David's older books (before The Trap) are going to be recorded?  Because I would absolutely love to have audio versions of them!!  

The Trap and The Dream are the only books so far that I have been able to consume in their entirety, because I was able to get them as audio version.  Although physical books are better for highlighting and referring back to, I simply don't have enough time to read as much in them as I want. 


Also, I want to use this opportunity to say that the way David narrates his books is absolutely top notch!  The entire production is excellent, from the editing to the chapter titles 👌  Many other audiobooks don't have this high of a production quality. 

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I am currently listening to The Trap in audio, I also bought the book, I find the two work together amazinginly well.


I also just bought The Dream book, and would love to listen and follow along with the audio.


Anyone know if David will be narrating  Perceptions Of A Renegade Mind?


That would be amazing to listen too.



I love both, so I can listen when I can't read, but go back and re-listen with the book, so I can highlight. 

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I don't pretend to fully comprehend why books "go out of print", or what exactly is meant by that unless it is literally a sort of time related expiry date thing, perhaps agreed with the publishers (or a publisher you are with at the time present) sometimes would it be?....anyway...

Alternative way of ensuring you (*and the author/s*) can still go on getting your books on paper supplied to you too....


Now there is a Print on Demand option to help rationalize supply presumably to meet demand exactly as needed......

https://davidicke.com/2024/03/16/print-on-demand-books-excludes-north-america/  If this excludes North America, how come reprints are available for the US as it would appear despite the URL message to the contrary? Have they the US been wiped out by China and we just don't know it yet? 😅 YEP THAT PART IS CONFUSING.


Aren't these all older books?... Makes sense, but who agrees to reprint old books then maybe is nothing to do with the publisher afterall???.. (Don't know, just speculating.)

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