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Left wing split over Putin


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The anti lockdown marches brought many different people together ❤️


Many on the right many on the left ,Christians, Muslims,Hindus, even Buddhist monks and Catholic nun's got involved. 


It was the most diverse marches we've ever seen bringing many different people together. 

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45 minutes ago, JONJAY79 said:

Great to see many in the left starting to wake up. 


Just like covid-19 split much of the left now Putins putting another reality check to the test.




First page is mostly socialists. Of course they support commies.

It's not as split as you think. Red tankies on the Left, NazBols, MAGACommunists, and demoralized dissident right/alt-right support Putin. Traditional liberals and traditional nationalists often support the West though. That's not to say that we support western leaders, just that we still care about our nations and won't simp for hostile foreign regimes or zio Eurasianism

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