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What is 5G? Who has the guts to talk about it?


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I joined this forum to specifically talk about 5G and those 'influencers' who are not talking about it.  If you have examples please post here.  Thanks.


Starting the ball rolling, I just listened to Tony Gosling's radio show that he puts out every Friday on his website.  Now, I'm not here to promote TG because I'm very suspect of his true affiliations.  He tries to come across as a 'liberal' with leftist leanings, but if you listen carefully you'll detect his very middle of the road stance.


But that's not why I'm here.  So, getting to the point I listened to TG's latest show today and right at the end, for a 'laugh', TG played a couple of clips of David Icke talking 1) about 5G (which I agree with 100%) and 2) David Icke talking about the moon. 


Now, TG used these two clips to discredit and mock David for the purpose imo of discrediting his views on 5G... in particular.


The reason I say this is because I have, personally, tried to persuade TG to feature more 5G information and activism in his radio show but he's evaded that topic.  He did ask me to email him 5G informational videos which I did.  He then said he didn't have time to look at them and he needed a person to interview.  Well, I wasn't up for the job but I gave him a couple of leads. 

To be fair, TG did at some point in the last 2 years have a couple of informed 5G activists on his radio show, but didn't go in depth (or were edited out) the real threat of the 5G rollout.


Today, after listening to TG having a laugh at David's expense, my heckles went up and I decided to expose TG for what I consider him to be - which is 'controlled opposition'. 


Here's the mp3 link and David starts talking (briefly) about 5G at approx. 2:58:58 - http://www.radio4all.net/files/[email protected]/NTBCFMPS18Aug23.mp3




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