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Channel 4 Promotes Cannibalism


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Just when you thought tv had reached the lowest depths of depravity Channel 4 has achieved a new nadir.


In between ads for homosexual lotto banditry and old but white creepo maltesery comes chubster Greg Wallace and his miracle meat documentary.


Yes,you too can marvel at how human meat is created for the discerning pallet.


The push to normalise cannibal (Cain and Abel) behaviour starts here.


Soon we can delight in the McHuman and Fries.


The Human Race is Rubberducked!!

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My partner saw the advert last night on the film 4 channel. I was in kitchen cooking when I heard her shout out. Came running in to just catch Greg Wallace image on the TV.

She said that in addition to the appalling content, the advert itself was ‘different’ to the other adverts in the way that it grabbed your attention. Annoyed that I didn’t see it, but glad at the same time!

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