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Benjamin Netanyahu brutalising his own people.


Military intervention in Israel.  

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  1. 1. Is it time to send in our boys?

    • Yes, very much so.
    • Not yet.

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Well, we have all seen it on the news, so everything is 100% verified. The Israelis are under attack and are crying out for help. For how long are we going to ignore their pleas? Is it now high time to send in our troops to sort it all out? Get rid of Netanyahu and arrange for them to have some fresh elections, which we can properly monitor. Surely, it has to be the best course of action. Sunak must give a press conference on this matter imminently, before it all gets totally out of control. From what i can gather, Joe Biden would be right behind him. 





'Israel judicial reform: Key bill becomes law amid mass protests.'




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When the tyrannical, corrupt Netanyahu gang see the U.K. troops coming to restore democracy in Israel, then there is only going to be one outcome. They will all run off and seek refuge in Saudi Arabia or Russia, before we have fired even one shot, as they know what the final result would be. Job done. I always said that the good Israelis would wake up to the Netanyahu snake, sooner or later. When the protests first kicked off, he tried to instigate more trouble with Palestine. Even now, he is desperately trying to instigate more trouble with Lebanon. Old dogs, old tricks. He is fooling no one any more.  

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