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After reading this article and watching the attached video I really wish that people would spend more time researching than yacking.

First off they mis-Quote Sitchen by saying that mankind was created by reptilians....  Research work done by Gerald Clark and you will find that the engineers were/are not reptilian.  But some have been interacting with the reptilians that were the downfall of the earlier years (Atlantis)  . Review the Emerald Tablets. Even the heavily edited book (bible) does mention them as the ones who control from the shadows. 


Please ask the website master to put the full information on this story 




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Even the heavily edited book (bible) does mention them as the ones who control from the shadows. anyway im going back nowto get more insight.or something similar I guess maybe we should tryand ask ourselves "why does anyone ever question whether"if such information existed before time immemorial(I dont really believe anything else).then again perhaps most importantly since our ancestors lived about 2 billion y years ago (about 5 million BC),there seems little evidence whatsoeverthat either gods created man, god made mankind living around 40000 YYYY-days after God was born.so far nobodyhas shown up at 1st millennium Aeschylos/Atlantean times yet nordid anybody show anywhere near 3rd century AD..but still its pretty cool stuff...maybe next gengen might find new ideas....it doesn' mean everyone thinks otherwise!

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