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Vatican/Jesuit Order vs. Sabbatean-Frankism

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Earlier I was wondering about Khazar Mafia / Sabbatean-Frankists - connection? 

and now lately I've been wondering about the conspiracy of Vatican/Jesuit Order and Sabbatean-Frankism

Does someone here KNOW how those 2 lines are actually connected. Both are told to be in Masonic lodges, Illuminati, governments etc to control and ruling the world - but how exactly? I know the Robert Sepehr's version from his book 1666 Redemption Through Sin (also what David Icke spoke in The Answer book)... and then Jordan Maxwell's version about how it's the Vatican and Jesuits who are ruling the world. I never heard him speaking about Sabbatean-Frankists (or even Sabbatai Zevi) - but he surely wanted to make clear that it's not the jews behind all this madness - and the same goes to Icke; but he surely points out the Zionists... or Rothschild Zionists.


If there's a book or video about the subject of this topic title, please let me know.

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