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Chicken & the egg, belief Vs reality

Mr H

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The chicken came first or maybe the eggs that's how this realm works Lucifer's realm. Everything "here" if you want to call what we experience now real is made to confuse and corrupt. It's a heavier slowed down realm of death and decay and when you die your going to either escape Lucifer's trick or you'll be tricked right back to the master of all deceivers realms and I say it plural because any other life form on are lvl is here trapped along for the ride trapped souls reincarnated. If I was the master deciever I wouldn't have it set up any other way other then mass confusion domination and pitting powers against each other even better I would have gods children pray and worship me on both sides of the table!

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24 minutes ago, Campion said:

Imo eggs came before chickens, there were many species which reproduced with eggs long before chickens evolved, eg reptiles like dinosaurs. Or am I missing the point here? 

Could easily be correct. Only takes a surviving new born with non species characteristics to set of a new branch of evolution. 

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On 6/8/2023 at 10:37 PM, Mr H said:

The Power of belief is very strong. It can drive us to take actions, it can shape our reality and experience.


What I wanted to explore is, do our beliefs literally shape reality, or does reality shape our beliefs?

Personally I think it's a two way street, on one hand beliefs certainly do help shape a particular persons reality,no doubt . Then you have the middle of the road where certain people believe they are co-creators and can create their own reality,to a certain degree I agree with that statement, their reality is created by the decisions they make in their life and the actions they take,now even though I said it was the middle of the road it could be argued these decisions and actions were indeed influenced by the persons beliefs ( maybe maybe not). However on the other side of the road the reality we all perceive must have a set of rules or parameters that we all fall within so we can experience this 3D reality.

Therefore I would say that parameters shape this reality and experiences shape our beliefs. (usually)

PS you could get into all the esoteric arguments but I'm just talking about everyday reality that people experience

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