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Reply to David Icke headline - Friday, June 2nd, 2023

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compare a "Nudge unit" to modern day Book clubs, or Movie clubs, they kind of influence people the same way. Think of it.

If you have 13 people in a room including yourself but only 1 out of 13 of you has the ability to be more convincing, persuasive, and reassuring over everyone else when it comes to a group discussion on the book, (simply because that 1 person owns the club and may have other people there to agree with them or work with them) you don't really stand a chance in a debate with them in a room full of other people that are just asleep sheep.


Now you could call the club owner out on certain things that clearly make the club owner's suggestions and questions look like an in intention to try to make everyone in the room believe the same thing, (like what David icke does and more of us are doing now when we question mainstream narratives, public health, and science.)


Now You'll probably be thrown out of the club and, they might call you a conspiracy theorist or anti-trans, an anti-semite, or a terrorist, but out of those 13 people in the end there's going to be at least 1 if not more people that agree with you. (Depending on the people though)


Which brings me to the question(s) - are many book clubs and their founders connected to semi-secret societies? Freemasonry etc? And if Book clubs are not so popular anymore with the newer generation, would it be suspicious to see a room full of little old ladies sitting at a restaurant discussing a nice book they read with a young man or woman (the club owner) about a young falsely accused man's journey in prison to eventually becoming a free transsexual? 😅 (just an example)


And could places in the world where communities consist mostly of senior citizens be perfect candidates to this slow "Nudge" kind of behavior? Places where authority is worshipped by an aging population who are slowly and unfortunately being herded into accepting and defending all these new things around them where they just want to feel safe and protected? It's so heartbreaking and frustrating knowing diseases like dementia and things that affect the mind have been scientifically engineered and amplified with chemicals to make it even worse, for reasons relating to a psychological war on humanity that prevails around us Now. 


But we can still fight back - We should start making our own book clubs, evaluating books that are written by truth seekers and not from the forces of inversion. We should evaluate books like "The trap(david icke)" "The dragons of eden(carl sagan)" "Animal farm(george Orwell)" "Phantom self(david icke)" "perceptions of a renegade mind(david icke)" "the saturn myth(David talbot)" and other David books etc. As well as a look into the seven seals and how the Bible can tell us a lot about a God that calls itself a God, as well as give us insights into the past present and future if you open up your heart and let in the panoramic vision of king David. 

Music should also be included. Live band performances, guitar, piano, synthesizer, all that powerful stuff. (It helps to open the heart and suffocate the demons to the point where they don't return)


We can nudge them just like they nudge us bahaha😊😊😊

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