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🕹 So, I asked ChatGPT-4 to write a Tic-Tac-Toe game ...

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I'll not bore you with all of the HTML and Javascript code that GPT-4 produced, but suffice to say that I asked it to produce a basic Tic-Tac-Toe game where the AI plays using the MiniMax Algorithm (Google it! All games coders should know this algorithm). The result was, as far as I can ascertain, a game that can only be lost or drawn by a human player.


Check it out here if you're interested ... https://webtrek.co.uk/oxo_minimax.html


Screenshot ...




It must be said though, that while the AI produced some good code, it wasn't perfect at first and involved me adding further prompts based on my own coding experience to get it to modify the code. It got there in the end though and none of the code has been written by me.


The idea that everyone and their Granny will be able to code games though is a long, long way in the future! 🤣




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Sorry! couldn't help tweaking it myself a bit by adding a background image  to the board. I altered the colour of the AI pieces to yellow and added a drop shadow too.





Pretty boring game though when you can never win! 😳




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