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Not ONE Country Has A "Mandate Based Election System". Why?

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A Mandate Based Election System would allow you to elect INDIVIDUAL officials to SPECIFIC posts in government from across the entire spectrum of political parties and independents.


So in the 2025 election you could say:


- I want a candidate from the RIGHT as minister of Economy

- I want a candidate from the LEFT in charge of Health

- I want a candidate from the GREEN Party in charge of Environment

- I want a candidate from the CENTER in charge of Education

- I want a candidate from the INDEPENDENTS in charge of TRANSPORTATION

- I want a candidate from the LEFT in charge of FOREIGN AFFAIRS


It would be like an open buffet where you, as a fully realized adult, get to choose freely what to put on your plate.


Instead, 100+ countries are run on a disfunctional old "Elect a Party" system which invariably leads to unsuitable people being left in charge of key Government positions.



Why should anyone in the 21st Century be stuck with having to vote for a fucking party of the Left, the Right or the Center and have to live with the results for the next 3 to 5 years?



1 - Put 30 key government posts on the ballot


2 - Let the people freely choose WHO gets to fill EACH post


3 - The officials elected HAVE to carry out the will of the people UNDER PENALTY OF LAW



Adieu to this BULLSHIT system where you have to choose between FAKE parties of the Left, Right and Center.


Only then can a country LEGITIMATELY call itself a "Democracy".


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