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Kylie Minogue is linked to the Illuminati

Andy Mac

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'God Fearing' Conspiracy Theorists claim the stars new video Padam Padam has satanic undertones were she is dressed in red with a cape and her album cover is a classic illuminati pose covering her eye. I suppose her way of thanking them for helping her with the career comeback!!



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16 minutes ago, Andy Mac said:

Maybe just jumping on the Sam Smith bandwagon to create some controversy to get her back in the public eye to relaunch her career.


Or they are deliberately throwing symbolism out there so we pick up on it and they can make FUN of us.


The unethical can play the game in more ways than we ethics-bound souls can.



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One of the plans of the illuminati is to turn the people against the only heroes we have ... the musicians , those who bring joy and love into the world ...


I could fill up this thread with pictures of pop stars flashing illuminati signs , you've seen them all before ...


What about this !!! 



You couldn't imagine anything more sick and satanic , and it was an Album Cover .. (untill withdrawn due to public outcry) 


Does this mean the Beatles were satanists into child sacrifice ? Of cource not ....It's achieved by mindinfluence ....the controllers have the ability to put ideas into peoples minds . At the time the Beatles  probably  thought it was a wacky idea .... Later they must have been mistified they could have done such a thing and tried to  explain it away as  "a protest against the Vietnam war" ...


So Kyle is not part of the illuminati pr even working with them , I've watched her music video and it's very mild , but the colours black and red and her dress could be seen as satanic  .....the effect of  mindcontrol of her and her advisors all with the aim of  pushing truthers buttons to stir up a media frenzie and turn public sentiment against her.

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Didnt Ian Brown call her "a little devil doll" many years ago?


Been Satanic from the get go with the utter shit music production factory of SAW, so this isnt a surprise, just a continuation.  Anyone who cant see it is really on the backfoot here. The song is crap too, with her singing like a little girl to appeal to the pedo audience. Shows she has regressed, not progressed. See she has her hair dipped in blood on one picture, telling us of the Satanic rituals she is involved in (like Kidman, Blanchett et all at Aussie Illuminati central)


I see the middle finger is also "bandaged", coming from Satanic artist Marina Abromivich's cutting of the middle finger and "eating the pain".

Idols, not to be worshipped according to the Bible, the slithery snakelike costume, its all there.



Kylie recently landed a coveted spot on American Idol to perform Padam Padam


The exchange of the soul with the devil might be understandable for some good music, but I think all these pop stars are getting short changed when theyre forced into  producing forgettable, laughably satanic garbage. Satan seems to be losing his grip these days, when it comes to tunes.



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12 hours ago, allymisfit said:

Every single celebrity is part of the cult. 

Pretty much the size of it. I mean, I am sure a few slipped through. The controllers are a pyramid scheme that sits atop this system, they play the game to be less shat on by both the system and by one another. 

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Hadn't given it any thought until now, but she was involved with Michael Hutchence, very high profile relationship or whatever it was, and I've always thought his unfortunate end was a result of crossing Geldof and being involved with his wife, but if Kylie is also some part of the machine maybe there's something in that. The head injury which changed him was not long after Kylie. Wasn't he punched by the paparazzi and hit his head on the pavement....who knows how "accidental" that was, thinking about it.


Then there's the whole Kylie and Jason weird thing, when he is obviously you-know.....

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35 minutes ago, Sit down, Waldo said:

Taylor Swift fans report 'amnesia' following Eras show


Not Kylie, but post concert amnesia? Bit weird.


Similar to the Travis Scott concert where fans died. They are using demonic sound wave technology as experiments to kill and wound people, and mess with them mentally.

Arianna Grande concert in Manchester also a huge Satanic sacrifice.



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14 minutes ago, northern star said:


Similar to the Travis Scott concert where fans died. They are using demonic sound wave technology as experiments to kill and wound people, and mess with them mentally.

Arianna Grande concert in Manchester also a huge Satanic sacrifice.



I feel they do the same in our warehouse... They try to kill us with consistent slow music from the last century... After few hours I'm achieving OOBE 😑

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It's worth looking a bit deeper into the evidence over which Kylie has been so quickly condemed .....


Here's what the linked article says from OP .....


In the Tension cover image, Kylie holds one hand over her eye, which conspiracy theorists believe is a reference to the 'evil eye'.


So there's two errors from the person writing the article , she's not holding her hand over one eye ., she's looking at you through a diamond .... and no conspyracy theorists talk of the "evil eye " they talk of this sign referencing  the eye of horus or the eye of God or of  a Reptilian or whatever ...


The article goes on to quote comments by twitter users ....


'I don't know who told you to pose like this but it is a symbol of Satanism,' one fan tweeted.

'The hand gesture represents 666 and covering one eye is a well known satanic gesture. I certainly do not believe you knew,' they added.

'Truly SATANIC, Kylie,' remarked another, while one wrote: 'So the illuminati has a new toy puppet, and she’s a pop princess!'

'I loved #KylieMinogue. I made excuses for her. But her latest album is in-your-face Illuminati symbolism from one-eye cover to dancing in devil red on the debris of Western Civilization in the Padam Padam video,' they wrote.

'Looking back, it was there from the start, on "I Should Be So Lucky",' they finished.


Again these tweets fail to observe the evidence , she's not covering one eye , she's looking at you through a diamond (pure Carbon ) 




So this is something new , never seen before ... we have the same  666 with the fingers rienforcing the idea this is all about carbon ....  LIFE ... Carbon is the  one  element around which all known life is built .... The controllers want you to believe 666 is Evil .. that Carbon is evil and we have to reduce our Carbon Footprint ...

which will lead to the end of all life 


In this immage Kylie is reminding us Carbon is beautiful and precious the most valuable thing there is.  ... 


This image is very close to Angelic .... She looks like an Angel , blonde hair , Beauty , serene expression ..... Has she got fangs and horns ?...


So imagine this as an Angel reminding us life is  precious , the greatest gift .


We shouldn't ignore the name of this Album ... The one word which apears above Kyle in this image of her Tension


Two opposing forces pulling in oposite directions ..... The corrupting forces which may have been upon her and the Divine realm offering support pulling in the oposite directions ... was she mind manipulated to stray into this area of covering the eye ,  but the intent was skillfully parried by the Divine Realm? 

In practice her art advisors  may have suggested " Hey Kylie , do the 666 over one eye , it will connect with the younger audience"  and the Divine realm inspired her to put the diamond in there reversing the original dark intent.

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